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Discover Everything About Lucky Hammer: Super Mario RPG

In Super Mario RPG, there is a Lucky Hammer that has special abilities than others.

However, Lucky Hammer does not have any attack points to deal damage.

A Lucky Hammer in Super Mario RPG allows players to summon Lucky Flower after hitting timely.

This article discusses everything about a lucky hammer and how you can obtain it.

What Is Lucky Hammer In Super Mario RPG?

The hammer adds 0 attack points to Mario’s attack rating when equipped.

However, it has a special function that can be triggered if a timed hit is executed.

The player will gain a “LUCKY!” bonus in battle if they successfully perform a timed hit with the Lucky Hammer.

Depending on the situation, this bonus may enhance the damage delivered, recover HP or FP, or have other consequences.

lucky hammer in super mario rpg
This is the Lucky Hammer available in the Super Mario RPG.

The Lucky Hammer is an amazing weapon with a distinct twist to game matches.

While it is not a powerful weapon in the game, the player can effectively conduct timed hits.

However, wielding and summoning Lucky Flower may be a fun and gratifying weapon.

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How To Get Lucky Hammer?

Players can buy Lucky Hammer from the shop in Super Mario RPG.

You must go to Seaside Town, a coastal resort village.

Afterward, you can purchase Lucky Hammer by spending 123 coins.

super mario rpg lucky hammer
Buy Lucky Hammer spending 123 coins.

However, it does not give you any attack points to utilize in battle.

Therefore, the town has a variety of stores and is connected to the sea.

It is accessible from Star Hill and is the game’s largest settlement.

Lucky Flower In Super Mario RPG

A Lucky Flower is a type of Bonus Flower that may be obtained by defeating specific adversaries in-game.

When a character overcomes an enemy and obtains a Lucky Flower.

They can play a bonus game that allows them to double their cash or experience points after the battle.

Furthermore, it can potentially improve a character’s defense when counter-blocking dramatically.

The Lucky Jewel item can also be used to obtain the Lucky Flower effect.

The Bottom Line

The Lucky Hammer is one of the unique and useful hammers in the game.

However, this hammer is average compared to other game items.

Thus, players can utilize it effectively to summon the lucky flower.

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