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How To Find The Faith Seed In Remnant 2?

To Find Faith Seed in Remnant 2 is one of the difficult events in the game.

Players must solve three different puzzles in the Yeasha location to Find the Faith Seed in Remnant 2.

The exclusive item contains life and has the power to revive. 

Faith Seed is an exclusive crafting material for obtaining powerful inventories. The players can find the in Yaesha-Cathedral of Omen after solving the puzzle.

Continue reading to know the location and usage of Faith Seed in Remnant 2. 

What Is Faith Seed?

Faith Seed is one of the unique crafting materials to find in Remnant 2.

The is gifted from one of the world’s bosses called The Doe.

The Seed contains life and has the ability to give life quickly. 

Players will achieve the Reward after killing the Boss.

But, if players opt not to kill the boss, they will face another enemy called The Corrupted Ravenger. 

How To Use Faith Seed?

The Faith Seed is one of the rare crafting Inventories which can be used for trade.

Players can trade the Faith Seed to equip the Astral Burst weapon

Players can exchange their items with an in-game non-playing character (NPC) called McCabe.

NPC can guide players for future events upon interaction and help them trade items for enhanced Inventory.

Furthermore, players can also trade the item for upgraded amenities from the Undying King.

Where To Find The Faith Seed In Remnant 2?

Faith Seed is found in Yaesha-Cathedral of Omen. 

Yaesha is one of the four end-points in the world where you can extract the Faith Seed. 

The location contains old ruins, temples and has a cheerful atmosphere.

Although the location is vibrant, it is filled with potent enemies like Root and Faction

The Characters must solve three puzzles in Yaesha-Cathedral of Omen to access the Faith seed. 

Players need to go through the entrance and activate the lever till it faces the left direction.

The Gamers must ensure to activate until the doe is before the Character.

Furthermore, the main circle’s lever should activate till the Boss Ravager, Doe and Death are obtained and encircled. 

How To Find The Faith Seed?

Finding Faith Seed is a lot harder than Players think.

However, there is a method you can use to extract the Faith Seed somewhat easily. Here’s how you do so step by step;

  1. Enter the Yaesha-Cathedral of Omen, Find the Book Location, and read Calamity.
 Remnant 2 Faith Seed
Read the Calamity from the list of books.
  1. After reading Calamity, solve the triangle-shaped shadow by pulling the lever precisely. 
Using the lever to solve the puzzle.
  1. Encircle the Ravenger, Doe and Death Puzzle to complete the objective.
How To Find The Faith Seed In Remnant 2?
Completing the objective after solving three puzzles.
  1. Follow the Path and capture the Faith Seed.
How To Find The Faith Seed In Remnant 2?
Equip the Faith Seed in the character’s inventory.

Later, Players can trade the Faith Seed with McCabe for an enhanced Inventory.

Players will also get additional items Ranged Fire Rate and Most cost after locating the Fith Seed. 

The Inventories will assist players in defeating Potent enemies and guide them in upcoming events. 

The Bottom Line

The Faith Seed is among the important crafting items in the game,  located inside the Yaesha-Cathedral of Omen.

Players must solve three difficult puzzles of Doe, Death and Revenge to extract the valuable item.

Hope players will be able to solve the puzzle and locate the Seed to tighten their Inventory. 

Continue exploring to know how to Defeat The Corruptor and Imperial Garden Boss in Remnant 2. 
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