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How To Defeat The Corruptor In Remnant 2?

The Corruptor is one of the powerful bosses in Remnant 2. 

Moreover, if Players dethrone the Corruptor, players can achieve exclusive rewards and unlock a getaway for future events. 

The Corruptor in Remnant 2 is among the potent Boss. The Boss is found on an end-point of the heart called The Yaesha. Players can receive exclusive items such as Twisted Lazure and Strange Object.  

Continue reading to find the location and techniques to dismantle the boss. 

Where To Find The Corruptor?

Players can discover the Corruptor boss on the walk-through in the overloads.

Then, the Corruptor boss is found in the Dungeons or at the End-point of each world. 

Moreover, there are a total of 16 dungeons where players can extract exclusive items, encounter enemies and upgrade inventories. 

Furthermore, Yesha is the end-point of the world, where players will face the Corruptor.

Yaesha is one of the four end-points of each world, including N’Eurd, Root Earth and Losomn.

 In Addition, the location has a highly-spiritual vibrant with old ruins and temples.

Various creatures, including the Root and the strongest elite Faction in the game, inhabit Yaesha. 

How to Find The Corruptor?

As previously mentioned, the Corruptor boss can be found inside one of the four end-point of the world called Yaesha.

However, you need to follow some procedures to encounter the Boss. Here’s how you do so,

  1. After Getting the Tip reward in the Yaesha walkthroughHead towards the Checkpoint,
Checkpoint Remnant 2
Complete the Quest and follow the platform through the red Checkpoint.
  1. Enter the location called The Great Bole.
Head to the location The Great Bole.
  1. Follow the route, and you can encounter The Corruptor
The Corruptor Remnant 2
Encountering the Corruptor boss at the Great Bole.

How To Defeat The Corruptor?

The Corruptor is one of the powerful bosses and is extremely hard to defeat. 

Hence,  you need a good inventory and powerful skills to defeat the Giant boss.

Players must upgrade the Character’s Skills and Inventories by Completing Quests and Trading to defeat the Corruptor. 

Moreover, while fighting the Corruptor, Attack the root on the back of the Corruptor to decrease her health bar significantly.  

Furthermore, In the attack,  players must avoid the Melee Attacks; the attacks will lower the Character’s health Percentage.

During the combat, if the enemy spawns, Hollow mob enemies try to defeat them faster.

In addition, Avoid the Red Flare and the Gorenado Ravager items thrown by the Potent Boss.

At last, Players who defeat the large Boss will get exclusive rewards, including Twisted Lazure, Trait Point and a Strange Object. 

The Bottom Line

The Corruptor in Remnant is one of the strongest and Giant bosses.

Players can encounter the Giant Boss in one of the four end-points of the world known as Yaesha.

Upon defeating the players, they can receive exclusive awards, which can be used in future combat and Quests. 

Hope this article will guide you to Defeat the Corruptor to gain Special items.

Continue reading if you want to know how to Move the Yeasha Bird and Find Clemenant in Remnant 2.
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