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A Guide To The Forsaken Quarter In Remnant 2

Forsaken Quarter in Remnant 2 is where danger, mystery, and reward await you.

In this location, you will explore an abandoned area of Losomn and face various enemies.

The Forsaken Quarter offers a variety of gameplay elements, such as exploration, combat, puzzle-solving, and questing. It is a place where you can discover the secrets of the Dran people and their connection to the Nightweaver, a mysterious entity that feeds on fear.

Continue reading to explore more about the Forsaken Quarter and the events that take place in it.

What Is Forsaken Quarter In Remnant 2?

The forsaken Quarter in Remnant 2 is in the video game Remnant: From the Ashes.

It is a returning world from the original game and one of the several worlds you visit in Remnant 2.

However, it is a dark and twisted city corrupted by the Nightweaver

Additionally, the Nightweaver is a strong monster capable of controlling dreams and nightmares.

In this city, humans like the Dran live under the control of the Nightweaver, who forces them to worship her as a goddess.

Besides the Dran, the Fae live within the forest surrounding the city and are at war with them.

As the Nightweaver merges her world with theirs, the Fae attempt to prevent it from destroying their world.

remnant 2 forsaken quarter
Forsaken Quarter is a returning world.

What Can You Find In Forsaken Quarter In Remnant 2?

Finding various items, enemies, bosses, and secrets within the Forsaken Quarter is possible.

In addition to equipment and relics, it includes weapons such as the Dreamcatcher and the Double Barrel.

Moreover, you can discover secrets about certain NPCs by entering their dreams with the Dreamcatcher melee weapon.

However, Handguns are known as double barrels and have both barrels. They cause a large amount of damage at close range.

dragonheart remnant 2 forsaken quarter
You can find the dragon heart.

In addition to the Chainsaw Elite, there are Dran Cultists, Dran Commonfolk, Teleport Fae, and Aberrations.

Furthermore, you can find the world Losomn in Forsaken Quarter, which has many bosses, including the Nightweaver herself.

Finding the Oracle of the Dran in the Asylum Storyline is possible. Forsaken Quarter has a lot of history and lore.

You can find Dreamcatcher.

What Happens In Forsaken Quarter In Remnant 2?

This part of the article explains what happens in the Forsaken Quarter.

Here are some of the events that take place:

1. The Asylum Storyline

The Asylum Storyline is one of the two possible storylines in Losomn, a world in Remnant 2.

Moreover, it involves exploring an abandoned asylum where a mysterious entity is called the Nightweaver.

the nightweaver remnant 2 forsaken quarter
The Nightweaver is a mysterious entity.

Moreover, it feeds on the fear of the Dran people through their dreams.

The main objectives of the storyline are:

  1. Find the missing gear for the device in the clock tower in Morrow Parish, an overworld area.
  2. Next, enter the Morrow Sanatorium, the main dungeon of the storyline. There, Dr. Marrow, a psychiatrist obsessed with remembering The Nightweaver’s appearance, awaits you.
  3. Then, find Dr. Marrow’s Stone-Carved Dolls that she has hidden in the asylum. They are clues to her past and The Nightweaver’s identity.
  4. Solve the puzzle of her safe by using the dolls as hints. The safe contains the key that unlocks The Nightweaver’s lair.
  5. Afterward, face The Nightweaver, the final boss of the storyline. Then, defeat it by destroying its dreamcatchers and avoiding its nightmare attacks.
  6. Finally, Return to Ward 13 and talk to Ava, an NPC who gives you the quest and the reward: the Time Lapse mode.

2. The Clock Tower Quest

The Clock Tower Quest is a side quest in Losomn, a post-apocalyptic city.  Additionally, you must find a missing gear for a device in the clock tower.

The Clockmaker’s Shop in Lemark District hides the gear. A clock device connecting to the tower requires setting the correct time.

lemark district
The Clockmaker’s Shop is in the Lemark district

The correct time is usually one hour ahead or behind the tower’s clock, which might vary depending on your playthrough.

After you get the gear, you can unlock the tower’s top-floor door.

Further, Ava, an NPC, will give you the history of Losomn and the reward for the quest.

The reward is the Time Lapse mod, a weapon mod that can freeze enemies in time for a few seconds.

However, pressing RB (Xbox) or R1 (PlayStation) can equip the mod on any long gun.

3. The Clock Puzzle

The Clock puzzle in the Forsaken Quarter in Remnant 2 is a side quest. It involves finding and fixing a giant clock tower in Losomn, a post-apocalyptic city.

Additionally, the puzzle requires you to visit the Hewdas Clock Tower in the Forsaken Quarter and the Clockmaker’s Shop in the Lemark District.

The Clock Puzzle is a side quest.

Here are the steps to solve the puzzle:

  1. Note the time on the Hewdas Clock Tower in the Forsaken Quarter.
  2. Next, go to the Clockmaker’s Shop in the Lemark District and set the time on the clock device to match the tower’s time.
  3. get the Clockwork Pinion from the compartment and return to the tower.
  4. Climb up the tower and insert the pinion into the device. Flip the lever and turn the wheel to fix the tower.
  5. Finally, collect the Broken Timepiece from the hole in the wall and use it to craft the Time Lapse mode.

The Bottom Line

In contrast, the Forsaken  Quarter tests your skills and courage, encountering danger, mystery, and reward.

However, it is a place where you can experience the horror and beauty of Losomn.

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