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Palworld Farming Hat: How To Get It?

In the vibrant realm of Palworld, players can equip different items, including the Palworld Farming Hat.

The Farming Hat is the item that provides players with many benefits to progress in the game.

A Farming Hat is a special item players can get after paying 500 gold to the merchant in Small Settlement in Palworld. Moreover, players can also craft this item through the Schematic which will provide the various benefits and buffs.

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An Overview Of Farming Hat In Palworld

Players are involved in different tasks like construction, farming and mining in the Palworld.

However, Palworld offers a variety of items that players can equip from different merchants, making their tasks more suitable and efficient.

Furthermore, these items will help players progress in the game and enhance their adventure journey in Palworld.

wandering merchant in palworld
Buy a Farming Hat from a small settlement merchant in Palworld.

Players will get the Farming Hat from a merchant which they can use while farming with Pals in Palworld.

It will cost them some amount of gold to equip the Farming Hat from the merchant.

Moreover, you can craft the Farming Hat through the Schematic.

For farming Schematics, players must try out lower-level ones to get started in Palworld.

Hence, crafting this Farming Hat gives various benefits and buffs to players which will help them throughout their journey.

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How To Get a Farming Hat In Palworld?

Palworld offers various friendly tasks, including farming with your Pals in Palworld.

However, players can equip the Farming Hat that they can wear while farming in the Palworld.

Here is the step-by-step guide to equip this Hat in Palworld.

1. Visit Merchant

Players must locate the merchant in Palworld Universe to unlock the Farming Hat.

However, players can purchase this particular item from a Merchant in the Palworld Universe.

These Merchants can be located by visiting the small settlements around the Palworld realm.

2. Buy The Farming Hat

Buying a Farming cap in Palworld is easier, but more expensive.

Hence, after locating the merchant, players can buy items that they want to progress further in the game.

However, players can buy the Farming Hat for 500 Gold by visiting a Merchant within the game, mostly found around the Spawn location.

How To Locate A Small Settlement In Palworld?

In Palworld, players must locate the Small Settlement to get the Farming Hat.

However, players can buy the Farming Hats from Small Settlement merchants, so locating this location is crucial.

Hence, a small settlement merchant is a traveling vendor that sells various items, such as food, medicine, ammo, and Farmin Hats.

small settlement merchant map location in palworld
Small settlement merchant map location in Palworld

Players can find them in different locations, such as the forest, the desert, and the swamp.

However, the Small Settlement is located northwest of the Plateau of Beginning at coordinates.

Before traveling through Grassy Behemoth Hills, players need to traverse to the west of Plateau.

Once players reach the area south of the Rayne Syndicate Tower, they must travel southwest to find a small stone path.

This path will lead to the Small Settlement, after reaching the town, players will encounter various NPCs.

Hence, players will find particularly Wandering Merchant and the Pal Merchant here.

The Bottom Line

A Farming Hat is an item that players can use while farming with Pals in the Palworld.

Furthermore, players can buy a Farming Hat from a small settlement merchant.

Players will find a merchant in small settlement locations like the forest, the desert, and the swamp.

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