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Superman Death In Suicide Squad Leaked: Truth Or Rumor?

The leaks of the death of Superman in Suicide Squad are creating quite abuzz in the gaming community.

Many fans are speculating the news of Superman’s death is just a rumor and fake news.

Whereas some are disappointed with the news of the death of such an iconic hero in Suicide Squad.

Continue reading to learn more about whether the death of Superman in Suicide Squad is real or just a rumor.

Introduction To Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

Kill the Justice League is an action-adventure of the Suicide squad shooter game developed by Rocksteady Studios.

This game continues the story of the Batman: Arkham series in its new Kill the Justice League.

Furthermore, the characters of the suicide squad are Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark.

In Kill the Justice League, the suicide squad is up against a powerful evil alien, Brainiac.

Brainiac has taken control of the Justice League as well as Superman.

Hence, he has taken control of the brain of Superman with his evil powers and forced him to work for him.

So the suicide squad becomes Earth’s last defence against Brainiac where they have to stop him from causing destruction.

The Brainiacs’s control of Superman and his powers is already a big threat to the Suicide Squad.

So the members of Suicide Squads must try to break the Brainiac’s control from both Superman and the Justice League to defeat him.

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Superman Death In Suicide Squad: Leaked Or Rumor?

Suicide Squad fans are confused and excited about the rumors and leaks of the recent events in the game.

The rumors of the death of Superman in the Suicide Squad are creating heated discussions across various gaming communities.

Furthermore, the leaks indicate that Superman dies at the hands of the suicide squad in the game.

Fans are puzzled and wonder if the leaks of Superman’s death in the game are legitimate or just made-up stories.

Sucide squad and superman battle
The leaks of Superman’s death are going viral on the internet in Suicide Squad and are no longer a rumor.

Superman’s death in Suicide Squad is not a rumor; his death scene is going viral all over the internet.

In addition, several video clips that are going viral are the clean proof of Superman’s death in Suicide Squad.

However, the amusing part is that he dies at the hands of the members of the Suicide Squad.

Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark fight against Superman and finally defeat him.

Fans Disappointed By Superman’s Death

The death of Superman by the members of the Suicide Squad is making fans sad and disappointed.

Many are unhappy as the death of such iconic superheroes in the game is emotional and not exciting enough.

Superman’s death is unacceptable to many fans as he has defeated formidable foes like Darkseid and Doomsday.

Hence, dying at the hands of a group of less popular villains seems demeaning and underwhelming to many.

Superman Death Scene In Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

The scene shows the suicide squad forming plans to use the kryptonite bullets to take down Superman.

This is when Superman arrives right in front of the squad and the battle between the suicide squad and Superman begins.

Boomerang throws his weapon right at Superman, which pisses him off, so he destroys the weapon and starts the battle.

As the dark powers of Brainiac consume Superman, he starts the battle by telling them he is the one who protected them.

Superman death suicide squad
The suicide squad kills Superman by shooting a bunch of Gold Kryptonite bullets at him and kills him.

Next, Superman uses his powerful eye lasers to attack the Suicide Squad.

Then, the battle between Superman and the suicide squad starts turning intense and fierce.

Kryptonite Kills The Superman

Superman is consumed by Brainiac’s manipulation and thinks the world does not deserve him.

This is because he was one of the iconic heroes who fought the battles and sacrificed a lot to save the planet. 

However, the dark power from Braniac controlling Superman makes him evil and destructive.

Hence, the squad plans to counterattack Superman in moments of weakness to flood his system with the Gold Kryptonite.

The squad works together and shoots Kryptonite at Superman and he starts taking the damage from it.

At the final blow, the suicide squad surrounds Superman while he is up in the air and continuously shoots kryptonite at him.

Hence, Superman drops high from the sky with several hits from Kryptonite and dies.

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