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What Is Rivera Vs Google Settlement?

If you are a resident of Illinois, you may be eligible for a portion of a $100 Million dollar settlement. 

Google recently made a payment of $100 Million dollar for the breach of privacy of residents in Illinois.

The final hearing for the settlement ended on June 7th, 2023.

Illinois residents can earn a portion of the settlement from Google. However, the residents must fill out a form to make a claim and depending on the people, the obtainable portion of the Rivera vs Google settlement can change.

This article will discuss the settlement amount and how you can obtain a portion of it.

What Is Rivera Vs Google Settlement?

Rivera vs Google settlement is a class action lawsuit against Google.

The lawsuit is for a breach of privacy by Google through its facial recognition application.

This lawsuit is specifically for the citizens of Illinois, and the total settlement money is a little over $100 Million Dollars.

The lawsuit came about because the facial recognition application by Google violated the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act.

Additionally, Google is also facing various lawsuits regarding the breach of privacy from different states all over the US.

Because of these lawsuits, Google is currently down by nearly $200 Million Dollars.

How Much Will I Get From Google Settlement?

The citizens of Illinois will be able to gain around $95 from the settlement.

While the settlement money is not quite high, the main reason for the settlement is to protect your privacy in the future.

However, you will need to register yourself for the settlement.

In addition, the people who resided in Illinois between May 1, 2015, to April 25, 2022, will be able to apply for the settlement.

The final hearing for settlement was on June 7th, 2023.

Thus, after the final hearing, the legit claimers should already obtain their payout from the $100 Million settlement.

How To Apply For The Rivera Vs Google Settlement?

The residents of Illinois can visit the settlement website to see all the information about the lawsuit. However, the residents can verify their claims on the same website.

Here are the steps to verify the claim for the Rivera vs Google settlement;

1. Access The Settlement Website

The residents must access the correct settlement website to put their claims.

Since various phishing sites can track your data and scam you thus, you should visit the googlebipasettlement website.

2. Verify Your Claim

After the residents access the website, they must click the verify my claim button.

Make sure not to click on any other buttons other than verify my claim button.

Click on verify my claim
Click on verify my claim to proceed to the verification process on the Rivera settlement website.

This will redirect you to an agreement letter, which will brief you about the information that you need to provide to claim the settlement.

After agreeing to their terms and conditions, click the Begin Claim button.

Accept the conditions and click begin claim
Agree to the terms and conditions and click the begin claim button

3. Enter Your Information

After you click on the Begin Claim button, it will redirect you to a form.

Here, you must fill up all the required data and proceed.

Additionally, you will need to choose your payment method as well.

Fill out your personal details
Fill out your personal details to make the claim

After you proceed, it will put you on the list of people who will be able to obtain a portion of the settlement.

However, you will need to provide all the proof they are asking for to obtain a portion of the settlement.

The Bottom Line

A breach of privacy is a severe crime that is punishable in any country.

Currently, people are a lot more concerned about their privacy thus, a lot of governments have various bills to protect the privacy of their citizens.

Furthermore, companies like Google tend to breach the user’s privacy to enhance the algorithm.

However, this is also a breach of privacy, for which Google is paying the price.

Hopefully, this article can give you information on the settlement payout and how to claim your own payout. 

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