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Explore The Undiscovered System Foulstone In Rogue Trader

Foustone is one of the locations in Rogue Trader, a role-playing game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Players are curious about the possible activities in this game’s undiscovered colony.

Foulstone is a dead world in Rogue Trader which players can choose to explore and colonize, ignore, or undertake various colony projects to increase their wealth and influence.

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What Is Foulstone In Rogue Trader?

Foulstone is a Dead World, which is a region of unexplored space in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Further, it is the newly discovered system in the Koronus Expanse within Segmentum Obscurus.

It is a potential colony for Rogue Traders, who are explorers and adventurers, seeking fortune and glory among the stars.

Likewise, the Foulstone system has three inhabitable planets, equally spaced from the central star.

Additionally, each planet has one habitable moon orbiting it, but there is no presence of plant or animal life on them.

Players can explore this dangerous but potential colony in Act 2.

There are different paths players can take regarding Foulstone, including ignoring it.

However, exploring it for various resources and establishing a colony here can be beneficial.

Further, it also has a ‘Monastery of the Order of the Hammer’ that worships the Emperor as a god of war.

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Foulstone Colony Projects In Rogue Trader

The Colony Projects are tasks that players can undertake to improve their colony on Foulstone in Rogue Trader

Foulstone has different colony projects that can increase the player’s profit factor.

Further, the profit factor is a measure of wealth and influence as a Rogue Trader in the game.

Foulstone in Rogue Trader
The list of Foulstone Colony Projects in Rogue Trader.

Players can only start a project when they are at the colony with their ship.

Then, they have to return to the colony after completion to see if there are any events or consequences.

Likewise, there are five tiers of the project, with each tier having multiple mutually exclusive options.

1. Tier 1

There are three colony projects in Tier 1 and they are mutually exclusive.

  • For Saint Drusus: Build a shrine to honor Saint Drusus, which increases your profit factor by +2.
  • The High Throne: Construct a lavish palace for yourself that increases the profit factor by +2.
  • A Celestial Protector: Make a massive statue of the Emperor and increase the profit by +2.

2. Tier 2

Similarly, the three-tier 2 Colony projects are:

  • Dirty Bureaucracy:  Establish a corrupt system of taxation and administration to get a +3 profit factor.
  • Indulgencies For Sale: Offer pardons and blessings to the colonists in exchange for donations for +1 profit.
  • Bonfires of Righteousness:  Support the Order of the Hammer in their crusade for +1 profit.

3. Tier 3

Tier 3 has only two mutually exclusive colony projects. They are:

  • Drusus’ Footsteps: +3 Profit Factor
  • Shrine: +2 Profit Factor

4. Tier 4

While the colony projects of Tier 4 are not mutually exclusive. The projects with their Profit factors are:

  • False Wonders: +3 Profit Factor
  • Crucible: +2 Profit Factor

5. Tier 5

Further, the tier 5 projects are related to each other and give the highest profit factor:

  • Holy Defenders: +5 Profit Factor
  • Reliquary: +5 Profit Factor

The Bottom Line

Moreover, players can colonize the Foulstone system and undertake various Colony projects to increase the profit factor in Rogue Trader.

It is a potential colony for rogue traders to establish your domain and exploit the resources.

Further, the Foulstone system still has its secrets for the Rogue traders to explore its surface.

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