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Rogue Trader Blade Shard: Explore The Three Choices

The Blade Shard is an important element in Rogue Trader that is responsible for shaping the narrative.

In the game, you can choose to accept or reject the Blade Shard.

The Blade Shard in Rogue Trader, encountered early in the game, presents players with pivotal choices: Heretical, Dogmatic, or Iconoclast, shaping the narrative and character alignment based on the decision to accept or reject it.

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What Is Blade Shard In Rogue Trader?

In Rogue Trader, the Blade Shard is a crucial item players will encounter early in the game during the prologue.

Players face a pivotal decision upon discovering it, choosing between three paths: Heretical, Dogmatic, or Iconoclast.

Experimenting involves deciding whether to accept, reject, or keep the shard, each option leading to different outcomes.

Additionally, the Blade Shard plays a significant role in shaping the narrative, with each choice leading to distinct consequences.

blade shard
Blade Shard gives three choices to the players.

If players accept the shard, opting for the Heretical path, they embark on a journey involving chaos and mystical events.

This choice triggers a dream event where players face the Lord of Change, officially falling to chaos by picking up the shard.

Moreover, the Blade Shard becomes a symbolic representation of the character’s alignment and choices.

The Blade Shard is more than just an item; it serves as a key element in the story, influencing the fate of the game.

What Happens If You Reject The Blade Shard In Rogue Trader?

If you reject the shard, it implies that your character has chosen not to embrace the chaos associated with the Blade Shard.

Therefore, rejecting the blase shard is a Dogmatic choice.

By refusing the shard, your character avoids the potential consequences and events tied to the chaos-related narrative.

Additionally, this decision may lead to a more conventional or faithful path within the game’s storyline.

Moreover, the dogmatic choices often align with traditional and disciplined perspectives.

rogue trader blade
You can accept or reject the Blade.

The Three Choices In The Blade Shard

Here is an overview of the three choices the blade shard provides you:

1. Dogmatic Alignment

Dogmatic characters strongly believe in the Emperor and strictly follow Imperial laws.

Moreover, they are loyal to the Imperium, ready to eliminate enemies without hesitation.

2. Heretical ALignment

Heretical characters embrace Chaos Gods and seek dark powers.

They also tend to perform malevolent actions, desiring power and being open to committing evil deeds.

3. Iconoclast Alignment

Iconoclast characters value human life and freedom.

They prefer compromise over destruction, question traditional beliefs, and take a more humanistic approach.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the Blade Shard in Rogue Trader is a crucial item that guides the player’s story.

You can find it early in the game, and it presents three choices: Heretical, Dogmatic, or Iconoclast.

Further, the narrative of the game is shaped by the choices made by the player.

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