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How To Buy Ammo In Palworld? Wandering Merchant Location

Ammo in Palworld refers to a short form of “ammunition,” meaning a collection of several bullets in a gun.

In Palworld, it’s hard to get Ammo as it is only available to buy in a single Shop or from an NPC in the game.

Hence, players should explore different locations on the map in search of vendors to upgrade their build.

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Who Are Wandering Merchants In Palworld?

Wandering Merchants are sellers only available at specific locations to sell mostly exclusive items.

They are an NPC that roams the expansive landscapes, offering players unique transactions and rare items.

Wandering Merchant In Palworld
Interact with Wandering merchants to Buy Items.

Moreover, this character, often accompanied by a variety of goods, serves as a key player in the in-game economy.

Hence, players can exchange their in-game currency for unique offerings like general resources with the Merchant.

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What Does The Wandering Merchant Offer In Palworld?

A wandering merchant is a single merchant in the whole game with whom you can buy Ammo for your guns.

There are other processes for obtaining the Ammos but you will only be able to buy the Ammos from the Merchant.

Hence, this character plays a vital role in the game as you can obtain a maximum of 999 ammos from him.

Therefore, including the bullets or Ammos, there are many exclusive items that the Merchant sells.

  • Soft Hat Schematic 1: 500 G
  • Silt Hat Schematic 1: 500 G
  • Tricorne Schematic 1: 500G
  • Exploration Cap Schematic 1: 500 G
  • Grinning Tocotoc Cap Schematic 1: 500 G
  • Katress Cap Schematic 1: 500 G
  • Heat Resistant Pelt Armor: 3000 G
  • Cold Resistant Pelt Armor: 3000 G 
  • Heat Resistant Underwear: 1000 G
  • Thermal Underwear: 1000 G
  • Musket: 37,600 G
  • Coarse Ammo: 120 G per Ammo
  • Handgun Ammo: 120 G per Ammo
  • Rifle Ammo: 220 G per Ammo
  • Shotgun Shells: 220 G per Ammo
  • Assault Rifle Ammo: 150 G per Ammo
Items that the Wandering Merchant offers in Palworld.

Location Of The Wandering Merchant To Buy Ammo In Palworld

The Wandering Merchant can be found in the small city of Duneshelter which is located at the top right side of the Map.

Still, in the game, he is not found wandering anywhere other than the same specific location in the Palworld.

Therefore, he is available at the same location even after you trade with him for multiple times.

Follow these steps to reach the Location of The Wandering Merchant.

1. Navigate To Duneshelter

In the desert located in the far top right side of the map, you can find the Duneshelter location.

Moreover, as you navigate through the map, you will be spawned at the entrance of a City.

Go through the top left side of the map where the desert is located, and you will find Duneshelter Location.

2. Enter The City

After you find the city and its entrance, enter the city through a straight hallway until you reach the market area.

Therefore, the market area is specified with a well-like structure in the middle and shops are placed around the area.

Entrace Of The City
As you navigate to the Duneshelter, you will find entrance to the City.

3. Find Wandering Merchant

Just at the back side of the well-like structure, you will find an NPC with a greenish hat and white hair.

Therfore, go near are you will see his name as a Wandering Merchant at the top of his head.

Find Wandering Merchant
Find the specific Wandering Merchant with the same getup as seen in the image.

4. Recognizing Wandering Merchant

There are many merchants in the area with the same getup and outfit with different colors.

Hence, you need to approach the merchant with a greenish and blackish-coloured outfit merchant.

5. Buying Ammo

After you go near the merchant, you will get 3 options: Buy, Sell, and Leave.

Furthermore, you can choose the Buy option to buy the items available with him including Ammos for the mentioned Guns.

Is There A Limit For Buying Ammo In Palworld?

In Palworld, you can have an unlimited amount of ammo for your guns if you have enough Gold to buy it.

The process of obtaining an Ammo is by buying a new gun or buying an Ammo from the Wandering Merchant.

Therefore, from Wandering Merchant, you can buy up to 999 Ammos if you have enough gold to offer him.

Hence, if you want Gun Ammo, make sure to earn enough gold and follow the above steps to find the Wandering Merchant.

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