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Rune Of The Trapper Bugged In WOW: Try Easy Fixes

Rune of the Trapper bug is a bug where players are unable to open the box of Trapper in World of Warcraft.

Clicking the box to open it prompts a message about blinding you, but clicking accept yields no result.

The problem could be caused by different reasons, including technical errors so start by checking your own devices before reporting.

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Rune Of The Trapper Bug In WOW

Rune of the Trapper is a new item added in the patch 1.15.1 “Season of Discovery” and can be obtained at the 40 level.

You can engrave your boots with the trap launcher rune and place the trap anywhere within the range of 35 yards.

However, there seems to have been a bug as players are complaining of not being blinded even after picking it up.

After you click on the box, you will be displayed with a message that says it will blind you but nothing happens.

Players are also not able to loot the rune as a result of the bug and are stuck with a question mark.

Rune of Trapper Currently Bugged
Players are currently facing a bug as they are unable to loot the Rune of the Traper.
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Causes Of Rune Of The Trapper Bug In WOW

Rune of the Trapper bug might be the developer’s side issue, as it seems like the game files interruption.

The problem is the parsing error of the package file of the item in the game, which is causing this bug.

There seems to be a programming issue from the developer’s side, but still, it’s not confirmed of the exact problem is.

Some causes that might cause this bug to occur in the game are:

  1. A mistake in the code related to the Rune of the Trapper functionality 
  2. Server instability or issues with network connectivity
  3. Issues with the user interface, such as graphical glitches 
  4. Conflict of game files with the system files

Fixes For Rune Of Trapper Bug

As this glitch has surfaced on the internet, players are sharing some alternate solutions for it.

However, it is not guaranteed to work for everyone, as it is not an official fix.

Rune of Trapper
There is a big question mark at the icon of the item, which concerns many players.

The team is working on the bug and might provide an alternate solution or release a new update.

Here are all the solutions that players can try to tackle the Rune Of Trapper Bug in WOW:

1. Restart Your Game

Sometimes, a simple restart of the game client can resolve temporary glitches or bugs, including the Rune of the Trapper bug.

So, close the game completely and relaunch it to see if the issue persists.

2. Try Deleting The Cache File

Many players have claimed to fix this bug by deleting the My Cache folder in the Classic Era folder.

Here are the steps to do it and try to fix the bug.

  1. Go into WoW
  2. Classic era Folder
  3. Open the WTF folder > Account 
  4. Click on Your Server then Your character
  5. Delete the little cache file

3. Check For Updates

Make sure that your game client is up-to-date with the latest patches and updates from Blizzard Entertainment.

Developers often release fixes for known bugs and issues in these updates, so installing them may resolve.

4. Seek Community Help

Visit online forums, social media groups, or community websites dedicated to World of Warcraft.

Other players may have encountered the same bug and found temporary fixes that you can try.

5. Contact Customer Support

If the Rune of the Trapper bug significantly impacts your gameplay experience, consider reaching out to customer support.

Further, they may be able to provide additional assistance or advice for resolving the issue.

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