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How To Defeat Son Of Arugal In Warcraft Rumble?

Warcraft Rumble is a mobile action strategy game set within the Warcraft universe where collectible Minis come to life to battle.

In this game, the Son of Arugal is the final and most powerful monster.

In Warcraft Rumble, you can defeat Son of Arugal by using some specific Minis or guild and being over-levelled.

This article discusses Son of Arugal and how to defeat him in Warcraft Rumble.

Who Is The Son Of Arugal In Warcraft Rumble?

The name “Son of Arugal” is derived from the World of Warcraft character Arugal.

Similarly, he was a wizard and a nobleman of Gilneas.

Arugal was in charge of bringing the Worgen into the world of Azeroth.

Furthermore, the Sons of Arugal are Worgen, born from Arugal’s sorcery.

They are his devoted followers and the guardians of Shadowfang Keep.

Therefore, “Son of Arugal” implies they are Arugal’s descendants.

Lost Son of Arugal
This is the appearance of the lost Son of Arugal in Warcraft Rumble.

However, it is unclear whether they are his biological children or his followers.

The Son of Arugal is an exceptional level 24-25 NPC located in Shadowfang Keep.

He is the final and most powerful monster that a group will face in Shadowfang Keep.

However, he may also be found wandering Silverpine Forest.

In Silverpine Forest, he may be a frustrating surprise for low-level Horde. Moreover, he is a member of the one life.

In Warcraft Rumble, there are three Sons of Arugal: one at the coast/spider cave, one near the Sepulchre along the log trail, and one near the Greymane wall.

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How To Defeat Son Of Arugal In Warcraft Rumble?

In World of Warcraft, defeating bosses like the Son of Arugal is often necessary to progress through the game and complete quests.

However, the primary reward is usually experience points and loot dropped by the boss.

Here are some tips on how to defeat the Son of Arugal in Warcraft Rumble:

1. Use Specific Minis

A few Minis are strong against the Son of Arugal in battle.

These include whelps, harpies, fire elementals (with immolation aura), Blizzard, and Pyromancers.

Therefore, if you use them properly, then it will be easy to defeat Son of Arugal.

2. Place Your Minis Strategically

Put the pyromancer to the right and slightly behind the tower when the level starts.

Furthermore, the huntress bounce doesn’t get her, and she can kill everything while the tower tanks.

Then, counter-push and mine gold after whelps defeat push from the left.

When the push gets to the boss, use harpies. It takes precise timing and placement of troops, but it’s doable

3. Use A Flame-Waker Or Pyromancer To Clear Invisible Units

The Son of Arugal has invisible units that can be difficult to deal with.

Use flame-waker or sub in Pyromancer to clear them out, put eggs to bait or save the pilot from crashing into invisible units.

flame waker in warcraft rumble son of arugal,png
This Flamewaker in Warcraft Rumble, which you can use against Son of Arugal.

4. Be Over-Leveled And Use Guild

The Son of Arugal is tough to beat, and players may need to be over-leveled to take him down

Guilds are the central hub for socialization with other players.

Therefore, players can create their guild or join one from a list.

The Bottom Line

The strategy to defeat the Son of Arugal is to use and place troops strategically.

If you follow the procedures carefully, you can easily defeat him.

However, defeating the Son of Arugal does not yield any specific item or reward.

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