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Explore All Graffiti Spots In Versum Hill

Versum Hill is the sprawling canvas for some of the most impressive and well-hidden graffiti spots in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Some of these spots are hidden or hard to reach, so the player may need to use different skills and tricks to access them.

To access Versum Hill, you must first complete the main story missions to unlock the map fully. Then you will travel through all graffiti spots like the Hidden Alley, Rocky Overlook, Cave System and more.

This guide will take you through all Graffiti spots in Versum Hill.

How To Get To The Versum Hill?

Versum Hill is located far outside of the main playable map area in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

To access it, you must first complete the main story missions to unlock the map fully.

Furthermore, you must then travel to the northwesternmost point on the city’s outskirts.

From here, you will see a narrow trail leading uphill and inland between two cliff faces.

To reach Versum Hill, you must:

  1. Grind along the rocky shoreline trail to the northwest of the city
  2. Then, follow the narrow path as it snakes uphill between the cliffs
  3. Grind up the steep initial slope of Versum Hill itself
  4. Continue grinding up switchback trails that wind through the rocks
  5. Be prepared to grind for 10-15 minutes total to reach the summit
  6. Additionally, take caution on narrow ledges and watch for sheer drops along the way
  7. Finally, reach the summit of Versum Hill to discover its wealth of untouched walls for bombing.
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All Graffiti Spots In Version Hill

Here is a list of all graffiti spots in Versum Hill, a district in the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

  • The Hidden Alley
  • The Rocky Overlook
  • The Cave System
  • The Tunnels
  • The Skate Park
  • The Summit
  • The Crevice Wall
  • The Boneyard
  • The Watchtower
  • The Archway
  • The Silo Complex
  • The Ravine

Let’s take a closer look at all Versum Hill has to offer dedicated graffiti writers in the game.

graffiti in versum hill
A Graffiti in Versum Hill in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

1. The Hidden Alley 

Tucked behind a narrow passageway obscured by shipping containers is The Hidden Alley.

However, only the most observant writers will uncover this tight, multi-level graffiti playground.

Intricate burners squeeze into every crevice across piled debris.

Moreover, it’s the perfect warm-up spot for those still honing their exploration skills.

2. The Rocky Overlook 

Perched high on a rocky precipice, The Rocky Overlook provides breathtaking views of Versum Hill and beyond.

Its sheer cliff faces call for massive characters and wildstyle masterpieces.

Likewise, advanced three-dimensional pieces wrap completely around outcroppings.

Winding trails lead to secluded alcoves, each containing unique hidden gems.

3. The Cave System

Beneath Versum Hill’s surface lies a vast, moss-covered cave system.

Intrepid graffiti writers use powerful headlamps to navigate twisting passageways in search of fresh walls.

Correspondingly, the Caves offer the perfect dark canvases for glow-in-the-dark throwies and neon burners.

Deeper areas remain unexplored, their secrets still waiting to be uncovered by the boldest bombers.

4. The Abandoned Tower 

Looming above the hillside stands The Abandoned Tower, a crumbling structure surrounded by rubble.

Moreover, its exposed brick and concrete beams serve as retro canvases.

Chunky blockbusters and wildstyle characters in vibrant colors dominate.

Higher levels accessible only by risky jumps provide uninterrupted views of sprawling masterpieces.

5. The Tunnels 

A network of tunnels once used for transport weave beneath Versum Hill-like veins.

Graffiti here has a gritty, industrial feel and Harsh utility lighting casts shadows throughout.

Here, writers get up on every inch of pipes, vents and machinery.

Deeper areas flood with several feet of stagnant water, their walls emerging only at low tide for aquatic-themed pieces.

Furthermore, the musty smell and eerie echoes add to the intrigue.

versum hill in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
A Graffiti spot in Versum Hill.

6. The Lumber Yard 

Piles of wooden planks and steel beams lay abandoned at The Lumber Yard.

Moreover, writers treat this canvas like a giant coloring book, covering every surface in vibrant burners.

Chunky characters pop with depth and dimension. Intricate burners emerge from beneath layers of other tags.

However, finding rare vintage pieces feels like uncovering buried treasure.

7. The Skate Park 

A vast, dilapidated Skate Park lies at the northern base of Versum Hill.

Likewise, ramps, rails and bowls serve as the ultimate playground.

Complex wildstyle and throwies flow across every vertical and angled surface.

Hidden alcoves beneath the park house, smaller, more intimate works.

8. The Summit

Reaching Versum Hill’s summit is an achievement in itself.

Writers are rewarded with the most breathtaking views and the largest blank canvases.

Massive burners and characters wrap completely around towering boulders.

Complex intertwining pieces utilize every inch of the landscape.

Here, only the boldest bombers attempt multi-day projects that evolve constantly.

Also, finding rare vintage works feels like uncovering hidden treasures.

The Bottom Line

Versum Hill is a living gallery that grows richer with each new addition.

For graffiti enthusiasts looking for excitement, this top spot challenges creativity and allows artists to leave their marks.

Happy Gaming!

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