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How To Use Sims On WoW SoD?

Season of Discovery Phase 2 alleged sims include gameplay mechanics, updates and expansions.

This has reflected the community’s anticipation and curiosity about class performance and gameplay.

However, SoD is all set to come up with the new dynamics in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion.

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Introduction To WoW SoD Phase 2

The upcoming next phase of Wow, SoD Phase 2, the highly anticipated next phase of the game will release on February 8, 2024.

This new phase promises to bring new content and challenges for players to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience for players.

Following in the footsteps of the first phase, Season of Discovery Phase 2 will provide even more new content
Following in the footsteps of the first phase, Season of Discovery Phase 2 will provide even more new content.

However, there are many new features and changes that SoD has come up with in its Phase 2 among which some are listed below.

  • New Level Cap: Adventure to level 40.
  • Gnomeregan: New level-up 10-player raid instance in SoD Phase 2.
  • New Skill Books: Skill Books will drop in 5-player Dungeons.
  • New Profession Items – 20 new recipes, new materials and consumables.

Moreover, the  Blizzard is introducing “The Blood Moon” in Stranglethorn Vale, a new open-world PvP event.

Hence, the introduction of a new phase in a game like World of Warcraft sparks a diverse range of reactions from players.

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SoD Phase 2 Sims

Blizzard has been providing fascinating experiences for World of Warcraft classic SoD fans.

Similarly, SoD Phase 2 promises to deliver a more best-updated gear, current appearance and feel, with improved visuals.

Hence, in the vibrant world of World of Warcraft, players are constantly seeking ways to optimize their characters’ performance.

The upcoming phase has introduced new runes, enhanced gaming mechanics, and a more engaging plot.

Reddit discussion on alleged simulations of SoD Phase 2
Reddit discussion on alleged simulations of SoD Phase 2

However, players are making speculations and showing their concerns regarding class balance and performance.

According to these alleged simulations, certain classes, such as Warriors, are reported to be simming at an impressive 850 DPS.

Contrarily, others, like Shadow Priests purportedly at a mere 150 DPS (damage per second) and so on.

However, the purported simulation results have sparked debates about the reliability and accuracy of data-mined information.

Players must make a comprehensive testing of the upcoming changes and developers must address community concerns.

DPS values fluctuate over time due to ongoing updates and balancing changes implemented by the development team.

However, there is a change in the SOD class items and the damage they made per second to ensure fair gameplay for all classes.

DPS Tier List for WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery
DPS Tier List based on their performance in WoW SOD.

As per some sources, Hunter is simming at 400 DPS ahead of the Shadow Priest.

Similarly, Warriors contains 42% attack speed and is perfect for melee combat.

Paladin’s Hit, Critic chance, strength and attack power is up to 6% against enemies.

However, players can see the best DPS output they get from their most optimal rotation.

Simming is a way to simulate the damage players’ characters do which helps players to choose the gear that is best for them.

There’s an addon called Simulation Craft that allows players to run simulations of their character.

Players can run simulations in different situations with different gear to see how much damage they could do.

However, they can compare the gear easily and pick the optimal choice for the highest DPS output.

However, players can follow this guide to Sims their character and to analyze gear, performance, and rotations.

  1. First, download the SimulationCraft addon.
  2. Use the “Simcraft” addon, run a game and make sure, the addon works.
  3. Use the command /simc in a gaming chat to open a window with current character information.
  4. Copy everything that will be shown there.
  5. Then paste it into the field marked “Load from SimC Addon”.
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