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Are There Console Commands In State Of Decay 2?

State of Decay 2 is a zombie survival game where players navigate a post-apocalyptic world.

Players have been wondering if the game supports console commands that can make their gameplay easier.

While State of Decay 2 lacks official console commands, players can enhance their experience using cheat codes, providing alternatives like unlimited health, stamina, and strategic advantages.

This article discusses whether the State of Decay 2 supports console commands or not.

Console Commands In State Of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is a zombie apocalypse survival game with unique elements.

As of the latest information available, the State of Decay 2 does not officially support console commands.

Console commands are those special text commands that can change how a game works.

The game primarily relies on traditional gameplay mechanics and cheat engine modifications.

However, there are many cheat codes and mods for the PC version that can work like console commands in the game.

Although you can’t type in magic codes, mods, which are like special add-ons, can be your secret weapon.

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Cheat Codes In State Of Decay 2

Although there are no console commands in State Of Decay 2, you can use mods and cheat codes for a better experience.

Here is a list of the common cheat codes in State of Decay 2:

1. Unlimited Health

This cheat code grants invulnerability to your character.

Moreover, it removes the risk of permadeath and enhances resource gathering.

2. No Fatigue

This eliminates fatigue from your character in the game.

Additionally, it allows your character to explore endlessly without the hindrance of tiredness.

3. Unlimited Stamina

It provides unlimited stamina to your character.

It also ensures you never tire when fleeing from or engaging with zombies.

state of decay cheat codes
Select cheat codes by using different keys on keyboard.

4. Instant Upgrades

This enables instant upgrades for buildings, vehicles, and other upgradable items.

5. Set Time of Day

This code allows you to manipulate the in-game time.

Likewise, it provides control over day and night cycles for strategic advantages. 

state of decay 2 console commands
The cheat code also allows you to change the in-game time.

6. Unlimited Car Fuel

Once you activate this cheat command, your car doesn’t stop.

Moreover, it makes long-distance travel and resource gathering more efficient.

7. Unlimited Ammo

This cheat ensures that your arsenal is always ready.

Moreover, it also eliminates the need to scavenge for bullets.

Once you use this command, your weapon will remain fully loaded and ready to use.

8. Unlimited Weight

This cheat code lets you carry as many as resources you need without restrictions on weights.

It lets you play smoothly without the burden of inventory management.

9. Unlimited Durability

Once you enable this cheat code, it eliminates the need to reload weapons

10. No Recoil

This cheat command eliminates recoil in your weapons.

It also makes aiming more precise and combat encounters smoother.

11. No Reload

This command is similar to no recoil, as you don’t need to reload your weapons.

You can use it alongside unlimited ammo for smoother gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Overall, State of Decay 2 stands as an exciting zombie survival game.

While the game itself doesn’t officially support console commands, players can enhance their experience through cheat codes and mods.

Despite the absence of official console commands, these cheats provide an alternative means for players.

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