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Missable Trophies In Spider Man 2: Guide To Find Them All

Insomniac Games’ 2018 blockbuster Spider-Man title for the PlayStation 4 took the open-world genre to new heights.

Beyond the thrilling story and gameplay, one element that kept fans engaged was the hunt for trophies.

All the trophies in Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5 can be obtained through a single playthrough as there are no missable trophies, offering players a seamless and enjoyable platinum trophy experience.

In this article, we will discuss if there are any missable trophies in Spider-Man 2.

All Trophies In Spider-Man 2

The PlayStation 5 comic book blockbuster has 42 trophies total.

Which includes the platinum for getting all of the other bronze, silver, and gold trophies.

Also, none of them are missable, and you can grab them all in a single playthrough.

spiderman 2 trophy
There are various Gold, Silver and Bronze and one Platinum trophies in Spiderman 2.

Moreover, here is a breakdown of the different trophy tiers:

1. Bronze Trophies

This lowest tier features common objectives like completing story missions or purchasing upgrades.

Some examples include “Another Way” for finishing the “No Escape” mission or “Fully Loaded” for maxing out Spider-Man’s suit tech.

2. Silver Trophies

Progressing the challenge, silver trophies task players with reaching higher levels like maxing out all suit and gadget upgrades.

Moreover, “To the Max” and “Kitted Out” fall into this category.

There are also story milestones such as “Behind the Masks” for completing the main campaign.

3. Gold Trophies

Requiring 100% completion, gold trophies demand clearing every district and side activity.

However, “Superior” awards fully liberate each area while “Heal the World” finishes the overarching plot.

4. Platinum Trophy

The Platinum trophy is ultra-rare in the Spiderman 2., to achieve the trophy players must invest loads of time.

Moreover, the coveted platinum trophy “Dedicated” is automatically unlocked upon achieving every other bronze, silver, and gold trophy.

Are There Any Missable Trophies In Spider Man 2?

There do not appear to be any missable trophies that could be permanently missed.

Moreover, the trophies also do not require multiple playthroughs to obtain in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

All trophies seamlessly unlock as players engage with different elements of the game.

missable spider man 2 trophy
All trophies are obtained without multiple playthroughs in Spiderman 2.

Also, no secret criteria or easily missed opportunities have been reported that would leave trophies unearnable even after 100% completion.

Moreover, Insomniac Games designed the trophies to pop through normal progression naturally.

However, the platinum trophy for collecting all other trophies will unlock without needing guide assistance or second playthroughs.

Players can therefore focus on enjoying the rich gameplay without worrying about specific missable objectives.

With its fluid combat and web-swinging mechanics, the game transported players directly into the shoes of their favorite web-slinger.

A Guide to Securing Trophies in Spider-Man 2

With no missable trophies to worry about, players can focus on the fun of the gameplay itself in Spider-Man 2.

Here are some tips to help guide your trophy-hunting experience:

1. Prioritize the Main Story – This will naturally unlock several trophies and open up more of the map.

2. Purchase Upgrades Regularly – Maxing out suits and gadgets is key for higher-tier trophies.

3. Complete All Side Activities – From crimes to landmarks, fully clear each district.

4. Master Combat and Traversal – Reach level 60 and pull off tricks for trophies.

5. Take On Every Enemy Base and Symbiote – Defeat special enemies and creatures.

6. Experiment With Different Suits – Each has unique abilities and trophies.

7. Consult Online Guides – Use websites and forums for 100% completion help.

The Bottom Line

With its polished open world and superhero power fantasies, Spider-Man 2 delivers one of the most enjoyable platinum trophy experiences.

Moreover, employ this guide’s tips to feel even more like the true web-slinging hero as you check off objectives.

Most importantly, have fun exploring every inch of Marvel’s New York City!

Happy Gaming!

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