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Starfield Vs. Star Citizen – Future Of Space Exploration Games

Space is the final frontier, and many creators are bringing space exploration into a reality with video games.

Furthermore, two of the most anticipated space games are Starfield and Star Citizen, promising to bring the exploration of the cosmos into reality. Both games are similar and different simultaneously; they are similar in bringing realistic aesthetics and some exploration features.

However, they differ in gaming modes, gameplay style and online playability.

Let’s explore these two titans of the Sci-Fi space genre and find out which will be better for you.

Starfield: A NASA Punk Adventure In Space

Bethesda Game Studios, the creators of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, is coming with a new Sci-Fi adventure game called Starfield.

Starfield will release on September 6, 2023, for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Furthermore, the creators have made a newly extended fictional city called New Atlantis inside Starfield.

Introduction to Starfield
Starfield is a Sci-Fi adventure game created by Bethesda Game Studios.

Inside Starfield, you can explore the vast universe, create customizable characters, and join Constellation (a group of explorers) to seek artifacts and mysteries.

Moreover, the universe of Starfield has more than 1000 planets with their ecosystem, terrain and locations.

The intelligent system of Starfield makes different atmospheres for every 1000 planets.

Star Citizen: Join The Galactic Community

Developed by Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen is a Sci-Fi adventure multiplayer game set in a universe of massive space simulation.

Introduction to star citizen
Developed by Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen is a Sci-Fi multiplayer game.

It has been developing for a decade and is still unreleased, but the release date is approximately 2027.

However, gamers can get hands-on with the Early Access period to get the game’s vision.

Furthermore, you can create customizable characters; with that character, you can combat, explore, mine, and trade.

Inside Star Citizen’s universe, you can explore hundreds of star systems having their planets, moons, asteroids, spaceships and stars.

Although it is a multiplayer game, players will have a single-player campaign called Squadron 42.

Moreover, it will feature adventure story mode with famous actors like Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson and more.

Starfield Vs. Star Citizen – Similarities

The Starfield and Star Citizen games are similar as they both feature the Sci-Fi adventure genre.

star citizen vs starfield
Starfield and Star Citizen interpret space exploration realistically.

Both games let gamers explore the vast space of their fictional universe.

They also offer similar features like trading & handling spaceship, but their approach differs.

Furthermore, they have realistic aesthetics which focus more on exploring space and fictional universes.

Starfield Vs. Star Citizen – Major Differences

While Starfield and Star Citizen look similar, some significant differences set them apart.

In Starfield, you can only play single-player RPG mode, but you can play both single-player campaigns called Squadron 42 and multiplayer MMO mode.

Furthermore, Starfield is more story-driven and shapes your customizable character with the dialogue system.

However, Star Citizen is more like a sandbox style with player-driven events and a dynamic economy.

In addition, the significant difference in both of the games is the online playability.

You can only play the single-player mode in Starfield, which does not have an online mode.

However, you can find four game modes in Star Citizen, Hangar is one of the story-driven modes.

Moreover, Arena Commander, Star Marine and Persistent Universe are other online modes in Star Citizen.

The Bottom Line

Start Citizen and Starfield are the most hyped space games in gaming history yet to be released.

Furthermore, Starfield is a single-player RPG, and Star Citizen is a multiplayer MMO, but they both aim to create realistic interpretations of space.

However, their approach, aesthetics and gaming modes are different.

Choosing between these fantastic games will ultimately be one’s preference and expectations.

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