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Persona 3 Reload: Explore The Weakness Of Steel Gigas

In the role-playing series of Persona 3 Reload, the Steel Gigas contain weakness in Electricity and Light.

This means that attacks or skills with these attributes are more effective against the Steel Gigas.

If your party has Personas with Electric or Light skills, you can deal more damage and defeat the Steel Gigas more efficiently.

Continue reading to learn more about Steel Gigas Shadow’s weakness in Persona 3.

What Is A Steel Giga In Persona 3?

Steel Gigas is not a specific character but rather a recurring type of Shadow enemy encountered throughout the game.

Similarly, the Steel Gigas is a formidable and challenging enemy, appearing as a large humanoid figure made of steel.

Steel Giga in Persona 3
Steel Gigas appear in the lower half of Arqa Block in Tartarus.

Likewise, these enemies typically wield substantial weapons like hammers or axes in Persona 3.

Further, the Steel Gigas serves as a mini-boss, often guarding important areas or items within Tartarus, the main dungeon in Persona 3.

Players encounter different variations of the Steel Gigas throughout the game, including the standard Steel Gigas, Giant Steel Gigas.

Similarly, each variation has slightly different stats and appearances, including the most powerful variant, Omega Steel Gigas.

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Cracking the Code: Steel Gigas Weaknesses in Persona 3

Steel Gigas in Persona 3 poses a challenge due to their resilience against combat methods, resisting both Physical and Gun-based assaults.

Likewise, this resilience of Steel Gigas demands a strategic approach to defeat them.

Steel Gigas are imposing mini-bosses encountered throughout your journey through Tartarus within the “The Answer” story arc.

Here are the crucial weakness of Steel Gigas:

1. Electricity (Zio)

The key to conquering Steel Gigas lies in their vulnerability to Electricity (Zio) spells.

Likewise, Zio stands as a potent Electric spell capable of capitalizing on the inherent weakness of Steel Gigas.

Omonikane in Persona 3 Reloaded
Omonikane embodies thunder and roads, excelling in Zio (electricity) spells in battle fusion.

Further, it sparks a need for players to curate their arsenal of personas, emphasizing those proficient in Electric skills.

Similarly, the tactical significance of leveraging Zio extends beyond mere elemental advantage.

Moreover, it transforms into a dynamic strategy, requiring players to choose their personas and party members carefully.

2. Light

Apart from being weak to Electricity, the tough Steel Gigas also show a weakness for Light-based attacks.

Further, understanding this added weakness brings an extra layer of thinking to players’ battle plans.

To tackle this, players must bring in characters and personas with Light skills, making your strategy more diverse and effective.

Knowing about both weaknesses lets you build a well-rounded team, giving you a smart and effective approach to taking down the Steel Gigas.

Mastering Steel Gigas Weakness for Victory in Persona 3

To conquer Steel Gigas in Persona 3, prioritize leveraging their vulnerabilities to Electricity (Zio) and Light-based attacks.

Likewise, players must remember that Steel Gigas appear in different variations, each with unique challenges.

Similarly, players must adapt their strategy based on the specific type of Steel Gigas encountered.

Further, you can follow this guide to defeat Steel Gigas in Persona 3:

1. Persona And Character Skills

Equip your party with personas and characters wielding Electric and Light skills.

The Pixie (learns Zio at level 8) persona, with its Zio spell, is especially valuable early in the game.

Similarly, players can utilize Jack Frost (Zio at level 7). Fuse ones with early Zio access, such as Oberon (Slime + Pixie).

Moreover, this enhances your party’s ability to effectively exploit Steel Gigas’ weaknesses.

2. Battle Strategies

Plan your party composition to include characters with Electric and Light skills. A well-rounded approach ensures a multifaceted strategy.

Likewise, players can utilize the Zio attacks, especially if their weakness is discovered during exploration like Steel Giga’s.

Defeat Gigas in Persona 3 Reloaded
Steel Gigas can resist Physical and Gun attacks, emphasizing the importance of Zio spells.

Similarly, if Zio is not available, exploit other Shadows’ weaknesses to trigger All-Out Attacks for significant damage.

Further, players must prioritize healing and buffs/debuffs, as their physical attacks can be powerful.

Moreover, face tougher variants by fusing stronger Zio-using Personas. Adjust your party composition for increased survivability.

3. Defensive Tactics

At last defence is the key to victory, until you acquire personas with Electric and Light skills, focus on defensive tactics.

Similarly, trigger All-Out Attacks by exploiting other Shadows’ weaknesses, providing effective alternatives.

Moreover, players can mitigate physical attacks with Amulets of Protection or skills like Rakukaja in Persona 3.

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