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How To Get Bones In Blox Fruits First Sea?

Blox Fruit’s ‘Bones’ are getting the spotlight once again, and players are wondering how to get them.

The key reason for this is the new 2023 Halloween event that Box Fruits introduced.

Players are wondering how to get bones in the first sea in blox fruits, and the answer is very simple. All they have to do is to open cursed chests and defeat enemies that spawn from them.

Continue reading to learn in about how to get bones in the First Sea.

What Are Bones In Blox Fruits?

Bones are an exclusive currency that can be used in the 2023 Halloween Ghost event in Blox Fruits.

In the game, this currency can be used to purchase various Halloween items at the event.

Additionally, players can also use bones for a chance to get a free Fruit in the game.

Halloween Ghost Event In Blox Fruits
Halloween Ghost Event in Blox Fruits.

This is the main allure of bones, as Fruits make a character powerful in Blox Fruits.

Players can use bones to obtain various items by exchanging them with the Death King.

Currently, there are several ways to obtain bones in the game, which was absent in past versions.

Primarily, players can collect bones by opening the Cursed Chests in the game.

Furthermore, players can also obtain modes from limited-time events in the game.

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Getting Bones In The Blox Fruits First Sea

The first sea is the calmest of the three, meaning that there are weaker enemies here.

This also means there are only limited ways to farm for bones in this area in the game.

The best way to accumulate bones in the first sea is by opening the Cursed Chests.

Opening Cursed Chest To Obtain Bones In Blox Fruits
Opening Cursed Chest to obtain Bones in Blox Fruits.

Cursed Chests are unique chests that are fully black with smoke coming out of them.

But note that finding these chests is quite tricky as they spawn in random areas of the map.

Also, they only spawn in about every 5 minutes, which makes the search even more difficult.

Hence, players should always be alert to their surroundings if they want to locate these chests.

Upon unlocking this chest, players get about 20 to 40 bones which is quite a lot.

Nevertheless, the chest spawns two to three enemies after opening them.

But don’t be alarmed, as defeating them will also drop about six to eight bones.

Therefore, players can accumulate upto fifty bones per chest if they defeat the enemies inside them.

How To Exchange Bones For Rewards In First Sea?

As aforementioned, bones are currencies that can be used to obtain several rewards in this event.

However, players must meet certain criteria to obtain these new event rewards.

Firstly, players must locate the Death King as he is the item vendor of this event.

Secondly, players must possess at least 50 bones to get the cheapest reward from the Death King.

Locating Death King In Blox Fruits
Locating Death King in Blox Fruits.

Currently, the Death King can give three types of rewards to players. They are:

  • Random Surprise
  • Stats Refund
  • Race Reroll

As for his location in the First Sea, the Death King is located on the Central Island.

Players must swim to this location as the island is in the sea.

Once they reach the Island, they must navigate to the fountain to locate the Death King.

Finally, players can interact with the Death Knight by clicking the mouse.

The Bottom Line

Obtaining bones is essential in Blox fruits if players want the new Halloween Event items.

The first sea is an important landmark in the game, which has a Death King with new items.

Therefore, farming these bones is worth the grind because the rewards are very exciting.

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