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Unravel The Reason StoryGraph Is Down For Maintenance

The popular reading app StoryGraph is down for maintenance and users are worrying about the reasons behind it.

StoryGraph app has been down since January 3, meaning that their servers have been down for more than 24 hours.

The StoryGraph app is currently down for maintenance because it faced unexpectedly higher user signups, causing a server overload issue. Currently, it is unknown when the app will go online as the developers have not provided any information.

Continue reading this article to learn about StoryGraph and why it is down for maintenance.

What Is StoryGraph App?

StoryGraph is a popular reading app that is free to download on both IOS and Android platforms.

Specifically, they cater to the Reading audience who want to track their reading progress.

Hence, users must download this app to track their reading progress in a graphical representation.

In general, the app primarily focuses on three stats of the books that the users:

  • Are Currently Reading
  • Want To Read
  • Have Already Read

Additionally, it allows users to summarise their reading journey in a Pie-chart representation.

Users can also review the average ratings of various genre books in a bar-graph form.

Finally, users can also set reading goals and participate in book giveaways by using this app.

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Why Is Storygraph Down For Maintenance?

Users online have taken to social media platforms like X to report about the downtime of StoryGraph.

In fact, they are even using #Storygraphdown to convey this issue to the StoryGraph community.

The official StoryGraph has responded to this issue via a post on their StoryGraph X account.

storygraph statement in X about the maintenance
StoryGraph’s official statement explaining why they are down for maintenance in X.

They have mentioned that they are undergoing maintenance for their app due to a large number of new users.

Hence, the developers are trying to upgrade their App servers to welcome new app users and avoid server overload.

Moreover, the app is set to go online in January 2024 first week but the exact date is unknown.

Where Did Sudden Hike Of StoryGraph Come From?

Since the users learned the reason behind the downtime of the app, they are wondering about the sudden user hike.

However, the answer is pretty simple because StoryGraph recently became one of the fastest-growing reading apps.

Therefore, users constantly suggested it to other users through various social media platforms.

users dicussing sudden users hike in Storygraph via reddit
Users discuss various reasons behind sudden user hikes in StoryGraph via a Reddit thread.

Also, users from online forums and threads blame the New Year 2024 for the sudden user hike issue.

Many users have agreed with this statement, claiming to have used this app since January 1, 2024.

Hence, users can conclude that the StoryGraph App server hiked because users wanted to start reading resolutions for the new year.

To fulfill their, the StoryGraph App was just the best place to start their reading Journey.

The Bottom Line

The downtime of StoryGraph is not related to any bugs or glitches but to a version upgrade.

Therefore, users must remain patient and alert others about this ongoing issue to put them at ease.

Moreover, users should follow the latest updates and explore if there are new patches to continue the reading journey.

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