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Affirm Service Not Working On Amazon: Causes And Fixes

Users can conveniently shop on Amazon with Affirm, allowing them to pay for their purchases over time.

However, several users have reported problems regarding the order history despite setting the Affirm Payment Plan.

While shopping online, several users have reported that the Affirm payment plan is not working on Amazon. Users who encounter this issue can resolve it by contacting Amazon and Affirm Customer Service and waiting for 24 hours for order processing.

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Amazon: An Overview Of The Affirm Services

While Shopping in the Amazon, it has offered a convenient way for its users to purchase their products.

With the integration of Affirm Services, users can pay for their purchases over time.

The main slogan of Amazon Affirm Services is “Buy now, pay over time”, which provides a sense of satisfaction for many users.

affirm on amazon
A user can use the Affirm services on Amazon to pay the amount over a certain time.

Similarly, users should know that Affirm payment plans of Amazon Business are currently limited to sole proprietors.

However, users must understand that Affirm Services does not cope up with LLCs and other business types.

Besides, Users need to buy the products of $100 at least to be eligible for the Affirm Services in Amazon.

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Understanding The Affirm Error Process:

Users can only initiate the Affirm Payment process by checking the Amazon App and placing the money for the order.

Similarly, users could often initiate the Affirm payment process seamlessly, with the Affirm app showing the loan amount.

However recently, some of the users have been reporting confusion regarding the Affirm services not working on Amazon.

affirm payment methods on amazon
Users can select their preferred Payment Methods while using the Affirm Services.

Users have stated that Amazon fails to reflect their transaction amount in their order history.

Nevertheless, the loan approval from the affirm suggests that the financial document is fine and intact, leaving the users confused.

Potential Causes Of The Affirm Error

There can be several causes for this error and some of them are listed below.

1. Amazon Processing Error:

Users can get the Affirm Error because of the processing error on Amazon’s end.

Since users get the message “pending -merchant processing”, the order might not have been successfully transmitted.

The Process Error between Affirm and Amazon can also result in Affirm not Working.

2. Affirm Loan Status

This problem might also arise because of the problems related to the Affirm Loan Status.

If users encounter the “pending – merchant processing” message, they should know the financial aspect is in progress.

Similarly, users should ensure that the affirm payment plan is Active and check for any pending transactions.

3. Affirm Order Not Going Through

In some of the cases, Affirm orders may not have gone through the payment process.

It might happen if Affirm has already approved the loan but users face the error during the transaction.

Similarly, users can retry after getting clarity from Affirm and Amazon Customer Service.

Resolving The Issues Of The Affirm Error

Some of the fixes are:

1.  Contact Amazon Customer Service

Users experiencing the Affirm Error should first reach out to Amazon Customer Service.

Explain your situation and provide the details about the Affirm Loan Approval and an inquiry about your order status.

Amazon can cancel your Affirm loan so that you can reattempt the purchase.

2. Contact Affirm Customer Service

If Amazon Customer Service cannot resolve the issue, you can contact Affirm Customer Service.

Users can gain insights about the loan status by contacting Affirm Customer Service.

Similarly, upon clarifying your problems, they can assist in resolving any potential payment inconsistency.

3. Wait For Order Processing

Upon Contacting Amazon and Affirm Customer Service, they instruct users to wait for 24 hours.

While waiting for 24 hours might update the product in your orders alongside the appropriate loan.

Similarly while waiting, users should monitor both Affirm and Amazon Accounts constantly to check whether it solved the issue.

The Bottom Line

Shopping in Amazon with its Affirm facility allows users to manage their payments flexibly. 

Encountering glitches and errors while processing the orders can be frustrating.

So, users should seek support from Amazon and Affirm Customer Service.

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