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Discover Everything About Surfin Bird In Fortnite

Players are curious about the new Surfin Bird to emote and other emotes available in Fortnite Chapter 5.

Furthermore, there are different emotes, emoticons, styles, wrap, pickaxe, lobby music, etc coming in Season 1 of Chapter 5.

In Fortnite, Surfin Bird is a new emote that is part of The Family Guy set which has exact dance moves that Peter Griffin does in the animated sitcom. Besides, the new emotes are a fun way to make your experience in Fortnite season 5 fun and lively.

Continue reading to learn more about the Surfin Bird in the Fortnite Chapter 5 first season.

What Is Surfin Bird In Fortnite?

Surfin Bird is the new emote dance in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 that players can use as a fun activity.

Furthermore, this emote is one of the Battle Pass emotes that comes in Chapter 5 Season 1.

This emote is originally from Peter Griffin, a famous American animated sitcom Family Guy character.

In addition, Peter Griffin did the Surfin Bird dance in most of the episodes of The Family Guy.

surfin bird emote
Surfin Bird is part of The Family Guy, the same as Peter Griffin dances in the show.

Now, it has become part of Fortnite where players can use this emote to make hilarious dance moves.

Besides, the Surfin Bird emote is rare, so it is locked in the Fortnite Chapter 5.

In this emote you will dance mockingly by raising your arms up and down and swinging your hips left and right.

Moreover, you need a battle pass to unlock this funny emote from Peter Griffin.

The Surfin Bird emote is a bonus Battle Royale Fortnite Festival reward.

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Other Battle Pass Emotes In Fornite Chapter 4 Season 1

Battle Royale of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has some other emotes as bonus rewards.

Hence, take a look at all the emotes in Chapter 5 of Fortnite below:

  • EverBurn: This emote helps you show your inner flame and is a part of the Flame and Fortune set.
  • I’m A Mystery Emote: This emote is part of The Underground set.
  • Diamond Throne: This emote is the seat of your power where you get a diamond throne and it is part of the Flawless set.
  • Foil Flex: When you use this emote, you have the fanciest way to count your bouts; it is part of the En Garde set.
  • Surfin Bird: This emote is also a part of the The Family Guy set inspired by Peter Griffin.
  • Knife Sharpener: This emote is a part of the Big Cat Brawler Set that gives you a sword to keep your wits sharp and your blades sharper.
  • Nanner Ringer:  When you use this emote it uses a banana as if it is a telephone and pretends to call from a banana.
  • Card drop: This emote is a calling card that is a part of the Jones’s Revenge set.

Thus, you can use these emotions during the game and make hilarious dance moves with Surfin Bird to spice things up.

diamond throne
This emote is the seat of your power where you get a diamond throne.

Emoticons And Epic Styles In Chapter 5 First Season

Apart from emotes there are also emoticons in this first season of Chapter 5.

Hence, take a look at all the emoticons you can use in the game below:

  • The UnderFrown
  • Ratty Grin
  • Claw Through
  • Burning Heart
  • High Society

Moreover, you can use many new epic styles in Battle Royale Fortnite Festival and rocket racing.

  • Dawn Duelist Nisha
  • Stygian Ruby Relic
  • Underground Jones
  • Shock Brawler Oscar
  • Duotone Takedown
  • Rebel Runway Hope
  • Stygian Green Valeria
  • Stygian Burndown
  • Chic Secret Scimitars
  • Gold Plated Peter Griffin
  • Stygian Ember Pick
  • Rough Cut Montague
  • Midnight Duelist’s Foil etc

The Bottom Line

This first season brings a lot of new styles, emotes, emoticons, designs, weapons etc to the table.

Hence, trying out different gears and styles each season keeps players’ excitement level high in the game.

Therefore, you can enjoy the new emotes and emoticons and use them to make your gaming experience even more lively.

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