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Best Starting Guns In Escape From Tarkov Arena

Guns are a crucial part of the inventory in any tactical shooter, including Escape From Tarkov: Arena.

For combat zones like Area, the guns have more roles than tactics and strategy.

Some of the best-starting guns in Escape from Tarkov Arena are MP5K, Kedr, Stm-9, and PP-9. Reaching the end game will unlock the best guns including, HK, MK47, AK 104, and KS 23 m.

Continue reading about Tarkov Arena and the guns of the latest addition.

Tarkov Arena Best Initial Guns

Tarkov Arena is a new release whose first Waves came on 17 December 2024.

The game has multiple modes with exciting maps, including Saw Mill, Bays, Air Pit, and Equator.

escape from tarkov arena
Select the game mode in the Arena Battle.

Moreover, the arena offers multiple classes, including Assault, CQB, Scout, and Sniper.

So, based on the chosen roles, players can access the guns and presets, so selecting the role is vital.

Thankfully, players can use the same guns, mods, medicines, and other utilities of Escape From Tarkov.

However, a rank tree includes Marauder, Jackal, and all the way to The Legend of the Arena.

So, players can earn ARP and rank up when they progress through and win several arena battles.

Hence, if players want to increase their firepower in the early game, they must select the given guns and presets by using the following;

1. MP5K

Players can contain the MP5K weapon along with AP 6.3 by selecting the Handler.

The Handler class also includes sj6, painkillers, and stamina to win the underground battles.

Moreover, the primary slot SMG, eliminates enemies close by with ease and has just 55 vertical and 288 horizontal recoils.

The SMG has multiple modes, including Auto, Single, and Burst, but in close proximity, the spray is definitely the winner.

2. Kedr

Going with the Plantain class will provide players with pp-91 Kedr along with the SP8 and a grenade.

Kedr’s fire rate is higher than MP5k, producing 900rpm with two fire mods: auto and single.

The SMG has a sighting range of 100 and is pretty accurate in close range.

3. STM-9

The Soyuz-TM STM-9 Gen.2 9×19 carbine is another SMG in the list that is obtainable from Champion.

Players will also get Tac Sports Headphones and enough med kits for coordination and healing.

The gun covers a distance of almost half a km and the recoil is pretty low with low spread to deploy headshots.

The only disadvantage of the gun is its single firing; nonetheless, it deploys high damage in close to mid-range.

4. PP-9

Players can get the PP-9, the Klin sub-machinery from Nix, and PTSM in the Mercenary by reaching 2000 ARP.

The gun also has two firing modes, 8.69 Accuracy; however, the horizontal recoil may be an issue.

Moreover, the SMG has 1000 rpm boasting the speed compared to other earlier guns in the Arena.

Best Guns In Escape From Tarkov

When players climb through the ranks, and unlock the skill trees, they can unlock exclusive presets and classes.

If players are through the ranks including Professional or Elite, they can earn exclusive guns.

Players can view the Agents and their inventory section and select the gun of their choice.

If players are willing to get VPO-101, they must unlock the Elite rank’s Hunter using the 800 ARP.

tarkov arena guns
Unlock the Hunter Rank to get the VPO-101.

Further, players can unlock Kite, Bishop, and Borealis for VSS, RPK-16, and RD-204 respectively.

Players can also get hands-on exclusive guns from Assault, CQB, Scout, and Marskman classes.

Some of the best guns from these classes are SA-58, AVT-40, HK G36, and many more.

The Bottom Line

Escape From Tarkov has various ranks and guns that unlock when players reach a certain cap or ARP.

In the early stages, players can only unlock SMGs or guns with relatively low damage.

Reaching the end of Skill tree presets will earn players ARs including, HK, MK47, AK 104, and KS 23 m.

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