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How To Use Rocket Ram Glitch?

The Rocket Ram glitch is the latest glitch of Fortnite.

It appears in the Chapter 4 of Season 4.

The Rocket Ram Glitch helps users fly infinitely far across the map. To use this, Players must go to the creative battle royal, equip the Rocket and double-tap the button.

Continue Reading to explore the usage and techniques of Rocket Ram Glitch in Fortnite.

What Is Rocket Ram?

Rocket Ram is one of Fortnite’s exciting features in the latest season.

Fortnite, the battle royal game, has brought new updates, including locations, Vehicles and inventories.

Among these, Rocket Ram is one of the vehicles players can use to explore through the map. 

Several vehicles resemble Rocket Ram, including Brute, Choppa and Loot Shark.

Nevertheless, Fortnite has introduced Rocket Ram to have a significant advantage over enemies in the battleground.

After Fortnite removes the tower building future from the game, Flying machines, including Ram, have played a vital part.

Players no longer need to search Land or Water vehicle types, including Quadcrasher and Motorboat.

The Rocket will fulfill both the usage in the single machine and make it easier to visit one location to another.

Moreover, players can take the long route or fly around with the Rocket.

The Rocket Ram also allows users to combine with the Shockwaves to cruise very far.

In addition, the Rocket Ram also breaks the Vault Turrets in 1 shot. 

Also, the Rocket Ram will guide players to free from their drop location and search for loot around the location.

Lastly, players can change the land animation by switching to guns at the last second or canceling a reboot.

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What Is Rocket Ram Glitch?

The Rocket Ram glitch appears after the release of chapter 4 of the current Fortnite Season.

As the Rocket Ram is a flying automobile in the game, players can use its glitch to boost the speed.

In addition, the Rocket will help players fly infinitely in the game.

This will allow players to reach one location to another instantly by flying across the map.

Moreover, if players are playing with a friend, they can even assist them to fly insanely far on a motorbike or car.

The glitch will help players flee from their drop zone and search for loot around the location.

Moreover, If players cannot reach the safe zone and face a blue zone cut-off, this may come in handy.

How To Perform Rocket Ram Glitch?

Initially, players must get the latest update of the current Fortnite Season.

Further, players can start any game mode to start enjoying the glitch.

Further, players need to play the creative battle royale.

Then, Players must extract the Rocket Ram by searching in the Heist Bags or Floor loots.

rocket ram glitch
Extracting the Rocket Ram in Fortnite.

Then, players must double-tap the jump button to fly infinitely.

rocket ram glitch
Double tap the jump button to perform Rocket Ram Glitch.

The Bottom Line

The Rocket Ram glitch in Fortnite allows players to fly infinitely.

Players can perform the glitch solo or help a friend fly across the map with their vehicles.

This will allow players to loot items conveniently and reach the safe zone quickly.

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