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Explore Sound Town Result ‘Tempe’ In Spotify Wrapped USA

Many users are reporting that they got Tempe as their Sound Town in their 2023 Spotify Wrapped in the USA.

However, these users are confused as to why a city or town is displayed as an achievement.

In 2023, Spotify introduced a new feature called Sound Town, which displays Tempe as a result for most USA users. However, users should rest easy as it just means that the majority of Tempe town shares a similar music taste to yours. 

Continue reading this article to learn about why Tempe is popping up as your Sound Town in Spotify USA.

Sound Town Feature In Spotify Wrapped

Spotify is one of the most popular music apps which constantly brings new features to its users.

Users can enjoy a new feature called the Sound Town in the Spotify Wrapped section.

Sound Town Spotidy
Sound Town Feature In Spotify Wrapped USA.

Moreover, Spotify Wrapped is a summary of a user’s year in the app which includes their music taste.

Hence, this Wrapped feature provides a story version of the user’s top five artists and gives them a title.

Additionally, Spotify has made a new addition this year called the Sound Town which has confused many users.

To access this feature, users must navigate to the third slide of their Spotify Wrapped.

Then, the app will display the name of a USA-based town for every user.

In summary, the result of the Sound Town means that the user shares a similar music taste to that town.

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Why Is Your Sound Town Result Tempe In Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify users are asking questions online like “Why is my Sound Town result Tempe?”

To answer this question, users must first learn about this feature which is described above.

Then, users must tackle this question with an open mind as there are many factors for this occurrence.

Some of them are:

  1. In General, Tempe is known for its indie, rock, punk rock, and pop genres in music.
  2. Therefore, users will mostly get Tempe in their Sound town result if they are into these genres.
  3. Similarly, in 2023, the highest searched songs in Arizona were mostly from pop genres.
  4. Hence, if a user has listened to the pop genre, they are most likely to be associated with Tempe.
  5. Also, Spotify has crowned Taylor Swift as the top global artist of the year.
Taylor Swify Global artist of the year
Taylor Swift as the top global artist of Spotify, a reason for why temu is user’s Sound Town result.
  1. Therefore, if a user mostly enjoyed her song this year, they will be more likely to be matched with Tempe.
  2. Finally, since Tempe is one of the most frequent results for users, it can be assumed that pop is popular there.

As aforementioned, people mostly search for pop genre music in the state of Arizona in the USA.

In fact, the search volume result of Google in 2021 showed that Billie Eiilish was the most searched artist there.

In 2021, Bille Eiilish stormed the music industry with her album ‘Happier Than Ever‘.

Similarly, Taylor Swift has done the same with her 2023 album Speak Now(Taylor’s Version).

Therefore, it is very likely that the people of Tempe have listened to her song the most.

Hence, it can be concluded that people of Tempe like the pop genre in general.

The Bottom Line

The new Sound Town feature from Spotify has headlined the social media as users can find a town that is into similar music taste in the results.

However, this feature is equally confusing as some users are getting some random towns in their Sound Town results.

Therefore, online research on this topic is necessary for users to find the core of this issue.

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