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Top 5 VR Games Of All The Time

The thing with a VR experience is that most games make you feel all the motions. You may also feel a bit dizzy—it’s given.

But, you will be able to properly gauge how fast you are going, how close you are, and where you actually need to put effort.

Putting your actual eyeballs through the cockpit will completely change the whole experience and make you aware of everything.

The graphics used in the game are not only excellent, but they also significantly enhance your immersive experience within the game.

Continue reading to learn more about the top 5 VR games.

Top 5 VR Games You Need to Check Out

Whether you are new to VR, or a long-term player looking for something new, the following titles are some of the best games with VR experiences you can try:

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is basically set between the events of the movie Half-Life and Half-Life 2, where you follow the journey of a resistance fighter Alyx Vance when she takes on the alien Combine forces.

Half-Life Alyx VR game
Half-Life Alyx

Fans who have watched the series before playing the game may be familiar with the worldly setting and various characters that turn up in the game.

The VR experience in this game makes it more immersive and keeps you hooked and excited throughout.

Pro tip: Do keep in mind that most of these games require an internet connection for online playability. We recommend signing up for a reliable internet connection for a smooth experience. One such internet is Xfinity, which offers super-fast speeds with lower lags and 24/7 Xfinity customer service.

Star Wars Squadrons

This game is built for a VR-first experience and it’s the one game we are extremely taken with.

Although it is played from a first-person perspective, the story shares multiple perspectives, bouncing between the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. 

When the game is focused on you, you are either talking to crew mates or flying the starfighter on a mission, all of this feels so natural with VR!

Star Wars Squadrons
Star Wars Squadrons

There are two modes: Dogfight and Fleet Battles. You need your online rank to be at least 5 to participate in 5v5 epic battles.

Meanwhile, Dogfight is where you start and it’s an option for you to play the single-player mode.

All in all, fans of Star Wars should definitely check out Star Wars: Squadrons for its arcade-style combat or other immersive experiences through VR.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes 

Popular party or game night game, where only one person is required to wear a headset and the other one guides the actions. 

This means that only one person can see what is going on. The other person, however, has the manual and has to provide instructions on what to do.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes 
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

To give you some context, the player defuses a bomb!

Not a real bomb of course, but a bomb nonetheless that has a ticking time attached to it. 

It may sound too simple, but it isn’t. Everybody has to use their puzzle-solving skills under the added pressure of a time limit!

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a tense and challenging puzzle game in which teamwork, communication, and cooperation are critical for passing each stage. 


Would you like to have an immersive experience of bashing skulls? 

Imagine going through a hard day and, by the end of it, thinking, “I feel like I wanna smash something!” This is where you can take your rage out.

Gorn puts you in a gladiator fight, which you must win by traversing multiple areas teeming with other muscle-bound marauders. 


At first, you arm yourself with weapons like swords, spears, hammers, etc., but then you move on to wielding other weapons such as crab pincers, wrist-mounted crossbows, and more.

Obviously, all these weapons seem weightless in your hand.

And the satisfaction of smashing your Herculean opponents’ limbs, eyeballs, and teeth through the air is quite unmatchable!

The Climb 2

Those who are looking to explore rock climbing, either just for the heck of it or to follow their passion, should try The Climb 2.

As you can imagine, the game requires you to reach your hand up and grab at ledges, ropes, or ziplines.

It all sounds too easy, but the real challenge lies in finding something to hold on to, using the right grip to hold, and keeping your focus on what you are doing.

The prequel version of this game relied on your controller grips to grab and climb up the Rocky Mountains.

But the newer version of the game has added features of ziplines, sliding grips, ledges, or even maps that you need to grapple through.

Overall, The Climb 2 is fun yet surprisingly stressful for many!

Wrapping Up

Playing games in VR offers experiences like never before. 

There is no need for controllers, rather the game moves forward depending on your body language.

Our vetted list offers some of the best virtual reality experiences out there. All you need to have now is the right equipment to blast your way today!

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