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Is It Worth Attacking Alidoro In Lies Of P?

Alidoro is a merchant character, important for trading rare items and weapons in Lies of P.

These items can greatly enhance your combat abilities and help you survive the challenges ahead.

Attacking Alidoro in Lies of P entirely depends on the player. Though you can obtain items like Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel, you will also lose access to his exclusive special weapons and amulets.

Continue reading to know more about Alidoro, where to find him and whether or not to attack him.

Who Is Alidoro In Lies Of P?

Alidoro is a mysterious merchant who wears a fox mask in Lies of P.

He sells powerful boss weapons and amulets in exchange for rare ergo.

Moreover, you are given a choice to tell him the truth or lie about a safe place to go.

You can choose to send him to:

  • Hotel Krat, where he will eventually show up and sell you boss weapons and amulet.
  • Vengrini Works, where he will eventually move to Hotel Krat anyway.

However, your decision will affect how he interacts with you and where you can find him later in the game.

Additionally, Alidoro is involved in a side quest with Eugenie, who will give you a pair of gloves to deliver to him.

alidoro is a complex and skilled merchant
Alidoro is a complex and skilled merchant.
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Where To Find Alidoro In Lies Of P?

Here are some places where you can find Alidoro:

1. St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

Alidoro will be first found in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library in Area IV.

Then, navigate through the Cathedral’s upper floors and defeat any enemies you encounter.

Take the elevator to the upper floors of the library and follow the path.

You will then find Alidoro on a balcony, talk to him to learn more about his wares and send him to a safe place.

The decision to send him to a safe place is yours, but regardless of where you send him, he will eventually move to Hotel Krat.

2. Hotel Krat (Optional)

If you tell Alidoro the truth, you can find him in Hotel Krat.

He will be on the ground floor of the western wing of the hotel.

3. Venigni Works (Optional)

If you lie to Alidoro and direct them to Venigini Works after defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus.

You will find him near the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer.

4. Barren Swamp

After defeating Champion Victor, Alidoro will move from Hotel Krat to the Barren Swamp area.

A minecart will activate with the help of a lever, which opens a shortcut back to the Barren Swamp Entrance Stargazer.

Progress through the swamp until you activate a minecart. Then, you will find Alidoro there.

5. Relic Of Trismegistus

If the Hotel Krat gets attacked, you won’t find Alidoro; instead, you’ll find him past the Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field Stargazer.

It can be accessed after defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood for the second time.

Alidoro will be near a bonfire in this area.

Should You Attack Alidoro In Lies Of P?

Attacking Alidoro in Lies of P is not a wise decision, as it will negatively affect your playthrough. 

Here is a list of some pros and cons of attacking Alidoro in Lies of P.

Pros Of Attacking Alidoro In Lies Of P

  • You can obtain Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel, a unique item required for a side quest.
  • An alternative special weapons merchant named Rookie Explorer Hugo will appear in Alidodo’s place at Hotel Krat.
  • You can also obtain Alidoro’s Mask, a powerful headgear item.
  • Attacking him could give you an advantage by preventing Alidoro from selling boss weapons to others.
  • Therefore, you can satisfy your own curiosity about what will happen if you attack Alidoro.

Cons Of Attacking Alidoro In Lies Of P

  • Attacking Alidoro means losing access to all of his exclusive special weapons and amulets.
  • Killing him eliminated the option to trade Boss Ergo for special weapons and amulets.
  • This decision can limit your abilities to complete certain quests and character interactions in the game.
  • Some achievements require sparing Alidoro’s life, impacting your achievements.
  • You may feel guilty for attacking innocent NPCs.
should you attack alidoro in lies of p
Options, whether to attack Alidoro or not in Lies of P.

The Bottom Line

Alidoro is a complex and skilled merchant and a valuable ally of Pinocchio.

He is mysterious, as his motives are unclear, and he is always a step ahead of Pinocchio.

In general, I personally recommend sparing Alidoro’s life, as attacking him will only result in a disadvantage for you.

However, the decision is up to the player whether or not to attack Alidoro.

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