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How To Turn Off Discovery Quest In The Sims 4?

The October update of The Sims 4 brought many features, including turning off the discovery quest.

Many players are wondering how to do so, as there is a mixed reaction regarding the discovery quest.

In The Sims 4, turning off the discovery quest feature is very simple. Go to the Game Options menu > click on Tutorial & Tips> and uncheck the Discovery Quests box to disable this feature successfully.

Continue reading this article to discover everything about this feature, including how to turn it off.

What Are Discovery Quests In The Sims 4?

Discovery Quests are tutorials or guides in the game unique to The Sims 4.

These quests help users display various actions that can be performed in the Sims world.

Furthermore, these guides can range anywhere from ways to making money to using phones in the game.

Specifically, these quests are designed for new players who want to discover different aspects of The Sims world.

Players can accept or deny these quests by clicking either the tick mark or the cross mark.

Discovery Quests In The Sims 4
Discovery Quests in The Sims 4.

However, the Discovery Quests popup can be very annoying for experienced players as it is redundant.

This is because experienced players already possess the basic skillsets of the game.

Additionally, the step-by-step guidance provided by this Discovery Quest consumes a lot of time.

Moreover, there is an additional popup when the quest times are about to expire for each of these quests.

Popups like this take away the fun aspect of the game when they constantly appear on the screen.

Hence, it is best to know when to turn on/off this feature for an efficient gaming experience.

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Steps To Turn Off Discovery Quests In The Sims 4

After the recent Halloween update, players can manually toggle this feature on or off.

However, to successfully achieve this feat, they must follow some steps chronologically.

Here’s how to Turn On/Off the Discovery Quests In The Sims 4:

  1. Launch the game and click on the three dots in the upper right corner to access the Game Options menu.
  2. Within the Game Options menu, click on the “Tutorial & Tips” tab located on the left side.
Turn off the Discovery quest in Game Option.
Turn off the Discovery quest in Game Option.
  1. Then, enable or disable the quest system. Uncheck the box to turn off Discovery Quests.
  2. If you ever change your mind and wish to re-enable the quests, you can recheck the box.
  3. Additionally, you can reset the quests by clicking on the “Reset” button.

Should You Disable Discovery Quests?

The decision to disable Discovery Quests in The Sims 4 ultimately depends on the player’s experience in the game.

If you are new to the game, Discovery Quests can be highly beneficial to help you with the game’s mechanics.

Completing these quests will earn you Simoleons and satisfaction points, which are very important at the beginning of the game.

Simoleons In The Sims 4
Simoleons in The Sims 4.

For experienced players, this quest re-appears with every update and hinders the gameplay.

Therefore, it is suggested to disable this feature to avoid receiving tutorial tasks that are not needed.

However, note that disabling Discovery Quest would block you from receiving their corresponding rewards for completing them.

Hence, you can manually turn on this feature if you need certain in-game resources.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, turning off Discovery Quests in The Sims 4 is a personal choice as it depends on the skill level of each player.

Therefore, if you are confident in your Sims 4 skills and don’t wish to go through tutorials, feel free to disable them.

However, if you need rewards and want to learn more about the game, consider keeping them active.

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