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Unlock The Locked Door In Monstro Town

Did you know a boss resides behind the locked door in Monstro town?

The door leads to one of the strongest bosses in the Super Mario RPG.

Players can find the key to the locked door in Monstro Town from a little girl in Moleville. However, players must obtain a few items before interacting with the little girl and obtain the key to the locked door.

This article discusses the Monstro Town locked door and ways to open it in Super Mario RPG.

What Is The Monstro Locked Door?

Players will come across a locked door in Monstro Town. When interacting with it, it will downright not give any feedback.

Thus, players must find a key to access the door and explore what’s behind it.

Furthermore, the entity behind the door is also an entity that players must go through to get stronger.

Thus, obtaining the key to the door in Monstro is a must to progress the story and strengthen the party.

Furthermore, players will meet a boss behind the door, Culex.

Players define the fight with Culex as a tough battle with a flavor of Final Fantasy.

Culex is one of the most demanding bosses for the players to up against in Super Mario RPG.

Furthermore, the boss is even harder to defeat in the new version of the game.

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How To Unlock Monstro Town Locked Door?

Since we know that behind the door is a boss that players must defeat.

Here is a step-by-step guide on unlocking the door in Monstro Town:

  1. First, players must head to the Moleville.
  2. Then, they must head north, where the players will find a small house.
head to moleville from monstro town
Go to Moleville and head north towards a house.
  1. After entering the house, players must interact with one of the moles in the far right corner.
Interact with the mole
Enter the house to interact with the mole in Moleville.
  1. Then, the mole will sell the players some Fireworks. Players must buy fireworks worth 500 coins.
  2. They must head out of the house, where they will notice a small mole among various crates.
Obtain shiny stone for locked door
Interact with the little mole outside the house to obtain a shiny stone.
  1. Players must interact with the mole, and the players must give her the fireworks.
  2. In return, she will give the players a shiny stone.
  3. Then, head back to the town and interact with the locked door.
unlock locked door monstro town
Unlock the locked door in Monstro Town using the shiny stone.

The shiny stone will unlock the door, and players will meet Culex inside.

The players can fight against the boss Culex and defeat him to gain experience and strengthen their party.

Thus, players must go up against Culex with a proper strategy and good preparation.

The Bottom Line

A game with various locations that need access through other NPCs and hidden items is a great way to make players interact with other characters.

Furthermore, this allows the developers to create various NPCs with new and fleshed-out stories.

Thus, the locked door in the Town is a great way to get more player engagement.

Hopefully. this article can guide you to access the locked door in Monstro town in Super Mario RPG.

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