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Top 5 Unddit Alternatives To Consider

Do you want to see deleted Reddit posts and comments using other than Unddit’s bookmark tool?

This guide is perfect for you to find some reliable Unddit alternatives.

Some excellent Unddit alternatives include Removeddit, Reveddit, Resavr, The Wayback Machine, and Google Cache, which provide from recovering deleted posts from commenting.

Please keep reading to explore how each Unddit alternative works and its benefits.

What is Unddit?

Unddit is a popular retrieving tool that recovers deleted Reddit posts and comments and color codes them for quick identification.

It allows you to view deleted posts and comment(s), so you can see all the buzz about, especially deleted posts or comments that got massive upvotes.

Unddit displays red and blue for deleted comments
The red-blue color scheme helps distinguish between user-deleted (blue) and moderator-removed comments (red).

Unddit will also display the username of the user who originally published the comment.

Moreover, you can access it on both desktop and smartphone.

For desktop, you need to install the Browser bookmark and download the Android app for mobile.

Although unclear, retrieving months-old deleted comments or posts may be possible before they were removed.

How Does Unddit Work?

It is solely attributable to Jason Baumgartner’s service, which actively monitors and archives new comments from Reddit, storing them in a database.

  • The io constantly acquires knowledge about the comments displayed by Reddit (through Reddit’s API) and the comments that should be shown (through Pushshift’s API).
  • Unddit can determine which comments have been deleted or removed by comparing the data obtained from these two APIs.

Therefore, platforms like Unddit can retrieve comments or posts, even after they get deleted by the user or moderator.

Top 5 Unddit Alternatives In 2024

Here are a few reliable Unddit alternatives which work similarly or slightly differently to Unddit.

1. Removeddit

Removeddit is a web-based tool that allows you to view removed comments on Reddit threads.

It works by capturing and archiving comments in a server before moderators delete or remove them and accessing the server to view them.

Removeddit compares the comments being stored in and Reddit API.

To retrieve the deleted comment/post, simply access /r/undelete.

Removeddit deleted comment
Removeddit displays deleted comments marked in red.

However, it is more appropriate for desktop users because using Removeddit requires surfing Reddit through a browser.

  • Go to the Reddit thread and change the ‘Reddit‘ in the URL to ‘removeddit‘ to see the deleted comment(s).
  • For example, open the link comment/jdmlv17/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  • Now, replace ‘‘ with ‘‘ in the search bar.
  • Once typed, press Enter to retrieve the deleted comment.

Here is how Removeddit compares to Unddit;

It is a web based retrieving toolIt is a both web based and mobile retrieving tool
It relies on and Reddit.API to retrieve deleted posts and commentsIt relies on and Reddit.API to retrieve deleted posts and comments

2. Reveddit

Reveddit is a web-based tool that retrieves removed Reddit content and provides a feature to search removed content by username or subreddit (r/).

When you provide the name of a subreddit, Reveddit will display a comprehensive list of threads and comments deleted within that particular subreddit.

You can look through the results to find interesting content or utilize additional search options to specifically look for what you desire.

Reveddit deleted comment
Similar to Unddit, you can retrieve both deleted posts and comment threads.

Additionally, replace ‘Reddit‘ in the URL with ‘reveddit‘ to view the deleted content directly, as given in an example below.

  • Original URL — 1213xy5/comment/jdmlv17/
  • Replace the URL — 1213xy5/comment/jdmlv17/

Here is how Unddit compares to Reveddit;

It is a web based retrieving tool.It is a both web based and mobile retrieving tool.
It only retrieves user deleted content.It can retrieve both user and moderator deleted content.
It does not have any color scheme.It marks users and moderator deleted content using a color scheme.

3. Resavr

If you are looking for something new than other Unddit alternatives, then Resavr is highly recommended.

However, unlike Unddit, which retrieves deleted Reddit posts and comments, Resavr only retrieves deleted Reddit comments.

The Resavr interface is more straightforward. It allows searching for the specific comment thread or the username in the search bar.

You can also search through deleted short comments on the homepage and the most recently erased Reddit comments.

When you click on any of the comments, it will show the whole words and when the comment was posted and deleted.
When you click on any of the comments, it will show the whole words and when the comment was posted and deleted.

If you are wondering how it works, Resavr periodically archives Reddit comments before they are removed or deleted.

When prompted, it would retrieve and display the archived versions of those comments.

Here is how Resavr compares to Unddit;

It is a web based retrieving tool.It is a both web based and mobile retrieving tool.
It only retrieves deleted comment.It can retrieve both deleted post and comment.
It save only comments that are longer than 650 characters.It does not have character length requirement.
You can search deleted comments (titles) using the search bar.It does not feature a search bar to scan comments.

4. Reddit Search By Unddit

Like Resavr, the Reddit Search by Unddit focuses on retrieving deleted comments rather than posts.

While there is a feature to search for deleted posts, it appears to be non-functional as of the current time.

Unlike other retrieving tools, Reddit Search by Unddit offers a straightforward interface to feed the data.

Reddit search by unddit
Reddit Search author’st is another alternative to Unddit.

Here is how Reddit Search by Unddit works;

  • Go to to access the interface.
  • Insert the author’s name or subreddit.
  • Choose whether to display ‘posts‘ and ‘comments.’
  • Mention the number of results to be returned (e.g., 1-100) and add a score filter (e.g.,>10, <100).
  • Select Before and After dates to specify a range.
  • Add the search term (keyword, word, phrase, topic, etc.) and press Search.

Although the interface shows an option to display deleted posts, it currently does not work.

Here is how Reddit Search compares to Unddit;

Reddit SearchUnddit
It is a web based tool.It is a both web and mobile based tool.
It retrieves only deleted comments.It retrieves both deleted posts and comments.
It offers a straightforward search option.It requires downloading bookmark or mobile app.

5. Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is not a Reddit content retriever tool but an internet archive that archives the entire internet.

One significant advantage of Wayback Machine is that it allows you to look through old copies of any indexed website, including Reddit.

However, it may or may not have saved the particular past Reddit post or commen”(s) you wish to retrieve”

  1. Nonetheless, go to and enter the URL of the Reddit post, comment, threat, subreddit, profile link, etc.
Wayback machine
Wayback Machine is an internet archive that archives the entire internet.
  1. Input only the clean URL, for example, “
  2. It will display recorded snapshots spread across a calendar.
  3. Click on the day the snapshot was recorded to view the deleted post or comment.

Here is how Wayback Machine compares to Unddit;

Wayback MachineUnddit
It is an internet archieve website.It is a Reddit content retrieving tool.
It can retrieve all kinds of Reddit contents, as long as they are archived.It can retrieve both deleted post and comment.
It provides multiple archive copies of a particular Reddit's page.It does not offer multiple archived copies.
There is a chance that it may not show the deleted Reddit content.It will show any deleted Reddit content nonetheless.

The Bottom Line

If you intend to use deleted Reddit content for educational purposes, remember it must have been removed for valid reasons.

Therefore, these contents may not necessarily reflect accurate or reliable information.

If the Unddit alternative does not capture certain deleted content, you can always switch to another one.

Continue reading to learn how to delete Reddit history and fix Reddit app not working issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Access Your Deleted Comments Or Posts Using The Retrieving Tool?

Yes, but it depends on the specific tool and its functionality.

Some tools may offer the ability to retrieve deleted content by entering your username or providing other relevant information.

There are no legal or ethical concerns when using a retrieving tool.

However, ensure to not infringe upon anyone’s privacy, engage in harassment, or violate any laws or rules set by Reddit or other relevant platforms.

Can You Access Deleted Content From Private Or Restricted Subreddits?

Accessing deleted content from private or restricted subreddits depends on the specific tool and its capabilities.

Most tools do not allow retrieving deleted content from private or restricted subreddits due to the limited access nature of these communities.

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