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How To Use Unit Host AI? A Complete Guide

Unit Host AI is a new addition to the Artificial Intelligence chatbots in the market.

Furthermore, this AI provides similar features to

Unit Host AI is the new artificial intelligence chatbot that users can use for free. Furthermore, the chatbot does not require setting up an API key. This eases the use of the chatbot to new users. Additionally, the AI is very similar to the but provides a few extra features that does not.

Continue reading to learn about Unit Host AI, its features and ways to use it properly.

What Is Unit Host AI?

Unit Host AI is a new artificial intelligence chatbot. The AI uses a large language model to respond to the users of the Artificial Intelligence.

Users can access the chatbots from their official website The website hosts many Characters that users can choose from and interact with.

Additionally, many users are comparing its functionalities to 

Both websites provide users with various Characters to chat with. Furthermore, both websites are free to use. 

How To Use Unit Host AI?

Follow the steps outlined below to use Unit Host AI properly;

1. Create Your Account

Users will need to create an account on Unit Host AI’s website. 

After you access their website, you will see sign-in and sign-up options on the top.

or sign-up to Unit host AI
or sign-up from the Unit Host AI landing page.

You can choose any option and create your account using Gmail or any other email address.

Login using your email in unit host AI
Enter your email address or choose other login credentials for Unit Host AI.

After you create your account, it will automatically log you into the website.

2. Choose A Character To Chat With

After you log into your account, you can choose from different Characters to chat with.

You can even choose the genders of the Character or even NSFW content 

Choose a character to chat with
Choose a Character to chat with on AI.

After you choose the Character, you will enter a different dialog box, where you can begin chatting with the AI.

3. Chat With The AI

Finally, you can chat with your chosen Character about various things.

If you choose the NSFW option, you can also roleplay and talk about NSFW things.

Start chat with a chatbot
Start chatting with the chatbot.

Furthermore, it does not require you to enter any API keys from openai, thus making it very similar to

Chats with chatbot in Unit host AI
A series of chats with the chatbot

Does Unit Host AI Allow NSFW Content?

Yes! Unit Host AI does allow NSFW content. Users can choose the NSFW option on the landing page of the website.

After they choose the option, they can roleplay and chat about NSFW content with the AI to their hearts’ content.

Furthermore, users cannot chat about any NSFW topic with the available chatbots if they do not choose the NSFW option.

Thus, choose the NSFW option to chat about certain NSFW topics with the chatbots.

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The Bottom Line

Since Unit Host AI is still new, many of its features remain unknown.

Furthermore, the website also specifies that AI is still in Beta. Thus we can expect more features to come shortly.

However, since the introduction of AI through ChatGPT and other such services, the field of Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly.

Hopefully, this article can provide information on the new Unit Host AI.

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