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Pumpkin Tree Location In Dreamlight Valley

The Pumpkin tree is in a mysterious location in the Dreamlight Valley DLC: A Rift In Time.

Unfortunatley, players are unable to find the tree even after exploring the game for hours.

The Pumpkin tree in Dreamlight Valley is a getaway to unlock the Pumpkin King: Jack Skellington which appears in Forgotten Lands. However, to do so, players must collect four Matrisoka Dolls from various locations, which can vary from player to player. 

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Pumpkin Tree In Dreamlight Valley

In the latest DLC, a fan-favorite character, Jack Skellington, returns from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

However, finding Jack is tricky, as players must complete a few events.

Unsurprisingly, players will need assistance from Pumpkin Tree to unlock the Pumpkin King.

Jack sellington dreamlight valley
Pumpkin Tree unlocks Jack Skellington in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Moreover, the Pumpkin King appears in the Something Comes A’Knocking quest.

However, initially, players need to find the Matrioska Doll and, finally, the Pumpkin Tree.

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Pumpkin Tree To Unlock Pumpkin King

Here is a step-by-step procedure to find the Pumpkin Tree and unlock the Pumpkin King in the new DLC,

1. Get Matrioska Doll

Matrioska, a Russian Nesting doll, is a rather horror doll with a loop on the top.

Moreover, the Matrisoka Doll has a yellow glow so that players will have a clue finding them.

When players interact with Merlin, the character will suggest Something creepy in the Valley, possibly due to dolls.

Santa will suggest players find multiple dolls around the anomalies but does not provide the exact location.

Although the dolls appear in random locations, Plaza is probably the only area that assures a Matrioska doll.

Players can find another doll near Merlin’s area and another in the Sunlit Plateau.

Matrioska doll
Search for the doll near the Merlin’s location.

Moreover, players can also search for Glade of Biome, Frosted Heights, and Peaceful Meadow. 

2. Find The Pumpkin Tree

After players collect the four Matrioska Dolls, they should head to the Forgotten Land.

Players should search the Forgotten Land, find the Jack’s Tree, and interact with it.

Finding the tree is quite tricky; hence, players should invest time in finding the tree.

Further, players should insert the Matrioska from the inventory in the Halloween Tree.

Pumpkin Halloween Tree dreamlight Valley
Place the Matrioska Doll in the Halloween Tree.

Placing all four Dolls one by one will bring back the tree to its original form and finally unlock Jack Skellington.

The mysterious character will have many stories to tell the players, so stick with the Pumpkin King.

Further, players can help build the house for Jack in the Forgotten Lands.

The Bottom Line

Pumpkin Tree helps the players to interact, share stories and play the quest of Jack Skelington.

However, prior players must find the Matrisoka Doll, which seems pretty rare and can consume lots of time.

For an easier approach, players should explore the main areas: Plaza and Merlin’s area.

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