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How Many Endings Are In Vaudeville Game?

Vaudeville is a game like no other, where you can talk to anyone and anything, and the AI will respond in real-time.

However, one should be careful because someone is killing people in this city, and you must find out who and why.

The Vaudeville game claims to offer a unique gameplay experience, intertwining AI-generated dialogues with real-time interactions. However, the Ending depends on the choices and questions that the player makes during the investigation. 

Continue reading to discover how many endings you will find in the Vaudeville game.

What Is Vaudeville Game?

Vaudeville game is an experimental whodunit game based on the latest AI technologies to generate dialogues in real-time.

You play Detective Martini, a private investigator who has to solve a series of murders in a European city by talking to different characters.

 You can interact with 12 NPCs and visit 9 locations to find clues and suspects.

 The game promises to be a groundbreaking, narrative-driven detective game that immerses you in the heart of Europe.

Bumblebee Studios develops the game, available on Steam and Epic Games Store.

The game is in Early Access on Steam and launched on June 30, 2023.

However, the developers are seeking feedback from the community to improve the game.

Vaudeville is available on Steam.

How Many Endings Are In Vaudeville Game?

Each Ending in Vaudeville Game will reveal the identity of the killer but also the consequences of your investigation for yourself and the city of Vaudeville.

Vaudeville Game has six different endings that depend on the choices you make throughout the game. 

You can find the endings of the Vudeville game here:

1. Ending A

To get an Ending A in Vaudeville Game, you have to find the true culprit and arrest them.

Additionally, you need to save all the survivors and expose the corruption behind the murders.

This is the best Ending and the most satisfying one for Detective Martini.

2. Ending B

To get Ending B in Vaudeville Game, you must find the true culprit and arrest them.

However, you fail to save some survivors or expose the corruption behind the murders.

Though this is a good ending, but not the best one.

3. Ending C

To get an Ending C, you need to accuse the wrong person and arrest them.

However, you need to save all the survivors and expose the corruption.

This is a mixed ending, as you solve part of the mystery but not all.

4. Ending D

You should accuse and arrest the wrong person to get Ending D, like Ending C.

However, you fail to save some survivors or expose corruption.

Though it is a bad ending, you make many mistakes and miss important clues.

5. Ending E

For Ending E, you give up on finding the culprit and leave the city.

Additionally, you abandon all the survivors and ignore the corruption.

This is a terrible ending, as you fail to solve anything and betray your duty as a detective.

6. Ending F

In Ending F, you die during your investigation. This is the worst Ending, as you don’t even see how the story ends.

How To Achieve Endings In Vaudeville Game?

To achieve all these endings, you have to perform the following tasks:

  1. First, you need to investigate all the crime scenes and collect all the clues.
  2. Then, interrogate all the suspects and witnesses and find contradictions in their statements.
  3. Further, use your intuition to deduce the killer’s motive, means and opportunity.
  4. Avoid being killed by the killer or their accomplices.
  5. Then, rescue any potential victims before they are harmed.
  6. Hence, reveal the hidden agenda of the corrupt officials and business people involved in the case.

The Bottom Line

Developers are working on improving the dialogue and the consistency of the characters.

However, some players have reported finding clues about an Indian venture involving the victims but are stuck on how to proceed. 

Alternatively, you can check out other games with similar themes with more precise and satisfying endings.

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