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Remnant 2- Discover The Encumbrance Ring

In Remnant 2, you can strengthen your character with weapons, mods, traits, and rings.

Rings give you different perks, such as more damage, health, resistance, or mod power.

Players can increase their Encumbrance by wearing heavier armor and weapons, using the Encrypted Ring, or using the Strong Back Trait. Further, higher Encumbrance means slower movement, dodging, and more armor and protection.

Continue reading to learn more about Encumbrance and which rings are related to it.

What Is Encumbrance In Remnant 2?

Encumbrance is a stat in Remnant 2 that determines how quickly you can move and dodge.

The weight of your armor and weapons and any modifications that enhance or decrease it determine it.

Higher Encumbrance results in slower speed and evasion but better armor and protection.

Lower Encumbrance allows for speedier movement and evasion but implies less armor and protection.

Light, Medium, Heavy, and Overloaded are the four levels of Encumbrance.

Each stage affects your mobility and dodging differently and has a different color indicator on your stamina meter. 

1. Light (Green)

Wearing light armor and weapons grants you the lowest Encumbrance tier.

You have the quickest mobility and dodging speed and the lowest dodging stamina cost.

You also have the lowest armor and damage reduction rating.

2. Medium (Yellow)

Wearing medium armor and weapons grants you the middle Encumbrance tier.

You have a medium movement and dodging speed and a medium dodging stamina cost.

You also have decent armor and damage reduction.

3. Heavy (Red)

Wearing heavy armor and weaponry grants the highest Encumbrance tier.

You have the slowest moving speed and dodging speed, as well as the most excellent dodging stamina cost.

You also have the most excellent armor and damage reduction rating.

4. Overloaded (Black)

This is a specific Encumbrance tier obtained by surpassing your equipment’s maximum weight limit.

You can’t avoid anything, and your movement speed is drastically limited.

You also have excellent armor and damage reduction.

Encumbrance is vital to consider when selecting your Remnant 2 equipment and playstyle.

Some players may choose mobility over durability, while others prefer durability over mobility.

Some players may additionally strive to balance both elements or employ Encumbrance modifiers.

In Remnant 2, there are a few rings associated with Encumbrance.

Some of the rings that are related to Encumbrance are:

1. Encrypted Ring

This Ring raises Encumbrance by 25% while lowering Stamina Cost by 15%.

Therefore, it can benefit players who wish to wear heavy armor without spending too much stamina.

Further, the players who want to boost their armor rating even higher.

The Encrypted Ring may also be located in the Ironborough district of Losomn.

encrypted encumbrance ring remnant 2
Encrypted Ring raises Encumbrance by 25%.

2. Bright Steel Ring

This Ring grants the quickest dodge roll independent of Armor Encumbrance.

Therefore, it can help players who want to be more mobile and agile.

Additionally, the players who wish to avoid taking damage from adversaries.

Hence, to get the Bright Steel Ring, fight the Bright Steel Knight monster in Yaesha’s Bright Steel Keep region.

Bright Steel Ring
Bright Steel Ring grants the quickest dodge roll.

3. Burden of the Audacious

This Ring reduces overall healing by 75%. Perfect dodges restore you to 15% of your maximum health.

Therefore, it can benefit players who want to push themselves and rely on their dodging abilities.

Moreover, for players who wish to heal rapidly after successful dodges.

However, Root Earth contains the Burden of the Audacious.

Burden of Audacious encumbrance ring remnant 2
Burden of Audacious Ring reduces overall healing by 75%.

The Bottom Line

You need to wear more powerful armor and weaponry. The greater your Encumbrance tier, the heavier your equipment.

Moreover, you can make use of the Strong Back Trait. It reduces Encumbrance by 10% at the max level.

However, it helps players carry more items or change their equipment.

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