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How To Uplift Verge Of The Shadows In BG3?

The Verge of the Shadows is one of the curses in BG3.

Moreover, it appears in the Shadow-cursed Land in Act 2 of the season.

To uplift the Verge of the Shadows in BG3, Players must beat Ketheric Thorm after healing Thalien. However, firstly Players must interact with Halsin, raise the patient using Lute and protect the Shadow portal in the Quest. 

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What Is Verge Of The Shadows?

The Verge of the Shadow appears in the event of the Shadow Curse.

Further, the Curse is one in-game mechanic that significantly reduces a player’s ability.

Moreover, the Curse occurs in the Shadow-cursed Land

If Players are cursed, they will suffer a health-reducing issue when they wander on the route at night.

In addition, Players can get to the area via the Underdark or the Mountainside.

Thankfully, if Players are cursed with the Shadow, there are quite a few to remove them.

Players can use the Shadow Stone to avoid curses found in the Myconid Colony in the Underdark.

Otherwise, using the Shadow Armor by extracting through the Shadow Essence will help to uplift the curse.

Further, if Players have obtained the Shadow Spell from any events or quests, it will cure the curse. 

Nonetheless, the best way to remove the Verge of the Shadows in BG3 is approaching Halsin.

Here, Players must play an event to beat Katheric Thorm to remove the Verge of the Shadows completely.

However, they first must extract the Worn letter, Cure the Patient and defend the Portal.

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How To Uplift Verge Of  The Shadows?

If Players are infected with the Verge of Shadows in the Shadow-cursed land, ensure to follow the process;

  1. Approach Halsin in the Campsite.
Halsin Baldur's Gate 3.
Interacting with Halsin in the Campsite.
  1.  Head to the Last Light Inn to receive the Worn Letter from the Art Culligah
Worn Letter
Extracting the Worn Letter from Last Light Inn.
  1. Talk To Halsin again, Head to the  Healing House and Grab the Battered Lute to raise the Patient.
Healing House
Waking the patient using the Battered Lute
  1. Once Halsin begins the ritual, a portal to Shadow Fell will open, ensure to defend the Portal
verge of the shadows bg3
Fighting against three waves of enemies.
  1. Enter House of Deep Shadows with Halsin inside the Shadow Portal to lift Verge of the Shadows.
verge of the shadows bg3
Removing the Verge of the Shadows from Thaniel. 

Moreover, Players must interact with Thaniel within the camp to know the back story. 

Furthermore, Players need to beat Ketheric Thorm in Act 2 to remove the night-blinding Verge of Shadows curse.

Lastly, be sure to leave for Baldur’s Gate and head to the Lighting tree to complete the Quest.

The Bottom Line

The Verge of the Shadows is one of the curses in BG3.

Moreover, Players will suffer health drainage issues and blinding problems on the Shadow-cursed land.

Players must visit the Baldur’s Gate after healing Thaniel to uplift the Verge of Shadows.

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