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War Thunder Next Battle Pass Vehicles In 2024: Le Triomphant

War Thunder is a free-to-play multiplayer video game developed and published by Gaijin Entertainment. 

The new naval prize of the upcoming battle is creating a buzz all over the internet.

War Thunder’s next upcoming battle pass vehicle in 2024 is Le Triomphant which features incredible max top speed, four main Caliber Turrets and decent anti-aircraft guns. 
Continue reading to know more about the War Thunder Next Battle Pass Vehicles In 2024: Le Triomphant.

An Overview Of War Thunder Next Battle Pass Vehicle

War Thunder features aviation, armoured vehicles, and naval craft, from the early 20th century to the most advanced modern combat units.

It is based on combined arms battles on air, land, and sea and provides custom missions.

However, the game regularly introduces events during which you will earn progress points and use them to open new levels.

Upcoming Battle Pass Vehicles in War Thunder
Upcoming Battle pass vehicles in War Thunder.

Moreover, allows players to earn rewards, including vehicles, decals, boosters, and other in-game items.

However, War Thunder is coming up with the next battle pass vehicle “Le Triomphant”.

It is the main naval prize of the upcoming Battle pass season: the French premium Destroyer Le Triomphant of the Le Fantasque class.

Hence, this new season battle pass, the first for 2024, will arrive on January 24th, where Le Triomphant can be yours by completing missions.

Features Of Le Triomphant

Le Triomphant is a premium Fench Destroyer at Rank III, which is best for grinding out enemies.

Hence, here are some of its features that make it one of the best vehicles of War Thunder.

1. Speed

Le Triomphant’s speed is more than any other French destroyer, i.e. even higher than the Le Malin. 

However, the fantastic max speed of this French destroyer granted the players strategic advantages and to quickly respond to threats.

2. Main Caliber Turrets And Anti-aircraft Guns

Le Triomphant features excellent guns, and decent anti-aircraft capability amongst other ships in the game.

Moreover, it features a British 4-inch anti-aircraft gun and 4 main Caliber battery turrets.

Each turret features a 138.6 mm gun for use against enemy ships.

Strategic Gameplay With Le Triomphant

The French large destroyer Le Truomphant of the Le Fantasque class is built to chase and hunt other destroyers.

Hence, players must make a strategic move while defeating enemies and destroying other ships.

Players can utilize its max speed advantage for strategic positioning, rapid flanking, and executing hit-and-run tactics against others.

Le Triomphant speeds is higher than Le Malin
Le Triomphant speeds are higher compared to Le Malin.

However, players must be careful while targeting the opponent as the gun is really bad at targeting speed.

Players can strategically switch between torpedoes and other weapons based on the situation.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the upcoming Battle Pass 2024 of War Thunder is coming up with one of the fastest Bluewater Fleet ships in the entire game.

It falls under the Le Fantasque class, a series of destroyers that were introduced as an alternative to light cruisers.

Hence, this new addition has stirred a wave of excitement among players. 

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