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How To Defeat The Floor 11 Boss In Persona 3 Reload?

In Persona 3 Reload, players are curious about the Floor 11 boss and how to defeat him in the game.

As players progress through the Thebel, they will encounter three boss fights in Persona 3 Reload.

After players climb up the Tartaris, they will encounter the Thebel Boss Fight on floors 5, 11 and 17.

Continue reading to find out more about the floor 11 boss and how to defeat him in Persona 3 reload.

Who Is The Floor 11 Boss In Persona 3 Reload?

Persona 3 Reload, the exciting Japanese RPG is full of tough boss fights, challenges and an impressive storyline.

Hence, it introduces a tough enemy on the 11th floor of Tartarus which is creating a buzz in the Persona community.

Barbaric Beast Wheel is the new boss that you will encounter when you climb to the 11 floors of Tartarus.

Tartarus is a tower that is full of enemies, mini-bosses, and recruitable Personas in the game.

Floor 11 boss persona 3 reload
Barbaric Beast Wheel is the strong boss you will encounter on floor 11 of Thebel along with his two magic hands.

In addition, Barbaric Beast Wheel is the second enemy you will face in the Thebel Boss Fights.

As you reach the top of Block 1, Thebel, you encounter The Ruthless Ice Ravens on floor 5 and Swift Axle on floor 17.

Many players are curious about the challenges of facing the Barbaric Beast Wheel and what surprises it holds for them.

Encounter Trio On Floor 11

As you step to the 11th floor of Tartarus, you will encounter the strongest Barbaric Beast Wheel.

Furthermore, the beast looks like a lion and is fused within a large wheel.

The challenging aspect of facing the Barbaric Beast Wheel is it also has two magic hands as its ally.

Hence, while fighting against this eleventh-floor boss, you must be very careful as you will be against a trio.

You must plan your moves carefully and make strategies to find out the weakness of the Barbaric Beast Wheel in Persona 3 Reload.

Defeating Floor 11 Boss In Persona 3 Reload

When you face the Barbaric Beast Wheel, Mitsuru Kirijo will suggest you find out the most effective attack to take him down.

However, you can only find an effective attack on the 11-floor boss when you find out its weakness.

During the battle, you must press R1 for an assist and this will automatically select the most effective attack against the enemy.

Hence, it works as a shortcut to select one of your attacks that targets the enemy’s weakness.

So you must take advantage of this shortcut whenever you detect the  Barbaric Beast Wheel weakness.

1. Eliminate The Magic Hands

As you are up against a trio, first you must focus on eliminating the two magic hands of the Barberic Beast Wheel.

The weakness of the magic hands is fire so it is best if you use fire attacks to eliminate them.

Hence, use Agi power to one of the magic hands and it will deal fire damage and kill it instantly.

Kill magic hands of floor 11 boss
To defeat the Floor 11 boss in Persona 3 Reload, you must first eliminate the two magic hands of the beast.

Similarly, use Orpheus’s Agi power again to eliminate the second magic hand of the boss.

This will leave the Barberic Beast Wheel alone and destroy the trio.

2. Use Wind Attack Against Floor 11 Boss

Now to deal with the Barbaric Beast wheel, you can use Bash to deal weak strike damage to him.

However, this attack will deal only 28 damage to the boss.

Barbaric Beast Wheel is a formidable boss and he is resistant to fire damage.

So using the Agi to deal fire damage to the beast is a useless move.

Use wind attack on floor 11 boss
Use wind attack and All-Out-Attack simultaneously to kill the floor 11 boss of Persona 3 Reload.

Barberic Beast Wheel is weak against wind damage so it is very important to include Yukari in the team.

Yukari possesses Io’s Garu attack which is a wind attack that deals wind damage to the enemy.

Hence, the Garu attack will deal about 44 damage to the beast on floor 11 of Tartarus.

3. Use All-Out-Attack And Pulinpa Attack

After dealing damage with the wind, Barbaric Beast Wheel starts to get dizzy and this is the perfect time to do the All-Out-Attack on him.

Hence, all the members of the team must go towards the Barbaric Beast wheel with the sword and slash him multiple times.

All-out-Attack will deal 54 damage to the beast but it will not finish him off.

At this time, the two magic hands will start to wake up so use the Agi power attack to kill them completely.

In the meantime, again aim for an all-out attack on the Barbaric Beast Wheel and slash him multiple times.

After this attack, the beast will get a lot weaker and he will lose the strength to get up.

Hence, this is the perfect time to use the Pixie’s Pulinpa attack as it will give a high chance of confusion to the beast.

4. Kill The Floor 11 Boss With Wind Power

After the confusion attack, the team must again go for the wind attack against the beast.

Hence, use the Garu attack to deal heavy wind damage to the Barbaric Beast Wheel.

To wipe the Barbarian Beast Wheel completely, all team members must go on an all-out attack again and use a wind attack.

Thus, this will kill the floor 11 Boss who is the merciless Barbarian Beast Wheel in Persona 3 Reload.

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