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Upgrade Army In Warcraft Rumble: An Ultimate Guide

In Warcraft Rumble, Army Upgrade can give you flexibility in building your army, giving you an advantage in PvP matches.

This can also give you creativity in building an army, no matter what mode you are playing.

Army Upgrade in Warcraft Rumble offers many advantages for the players, such as increased power, improved abilities, higher rarity, versatility, tactical advantages, etc.

Continue reading to learn about the Warcraft Rumble army and how to upgrade them.

Warcraft Rumble Army 

An army is a group of minis in Warcraft Rumble that you can deploy to battle against other players or enemies.

It consists of various minis, leaders, and spells which work together to engage in battles.

Minis are the heart of your army and come in various types, each with unique abilities and strengths.

Alliance, Horde, Blackrock, Scourge, and Elementals are the primary Mini Families.

Each army has a leader, the central characters that lead your army, by determining their strengths and abilities.

All minis have roles in battles, such as melee, ranged, flying, or squad units.

Additionally, you can mix and match minis from different families to create a versatile army with a wide range of abilities.

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Types Of Warcraft Rumble Army

The type of army you choose can influence your success in battles, so choose according to your playstyle.

However, there are three main types of armies in Warcraft Rumble, they are:

1. Faction armies

Faction armies are made up of minis from a single faction, such as the Alliance or the Horde.

They can use faction-specific buffs and synergies.

For example, the Alliance minis benefit from the For the Alliance! Buff, which increases their damage by 10%.

They are a good choice for players who want to maximize the power of their army.

Therefore, faction armies are limited to using minis from a single faction, so they are less versatile.

2. Hybrid Armies

Hybrid armies are made up of minis from different factions.

Although they are more versatile than faction armies, they lack faction-specific buffs and synergies.

However, it would be best to be careful while choosing minis that complement each other.

For example, a hybrid army including Alliance and Horde minis would not benefit from the Footman Champion synergy.

3. Theme Armies

Theme armies are minis united by a common theme, such as undead or dragons.

An undead army can include minis, like Sylvanas Windrunner, Kel’Thuzad, Death Knight, Banshee, and Ghoul.

bone shield, ravenous, and taste for blood
Ghoul is an undead army with talent, like a bone shield, ravenous, and taste for blood.

However, this army can be robust against living enemies but weak against dragons or demons.

Balanced, melee dominant, ranged, squad-based, leader-centric, spellcasting, hybrid, and counter army are other types of armies.

How To Upgrade Army In Warcraft Rumble?

An army upgrade in Warcraft Rumble is a great way to boost the power of your leader’s army.

Furthermore, you can use the G.R.I.D. to upgrade your minis, a great way to get the needed resources.

upgrade for beginner level
Army upgrades for beginner level.

You can upgrade your army by following these essential steps to improve your units:

  1. The first step of upgrading is collecting duplicate Minis as you play battles.
  2. You must also collect tokens by winning battles and completing missions to upgrade them.
  3. Then, go to the Dungeons tab and select the dungeon you want to clear.
  4. Equip the leader and the Mini that you want to upgrade.
  5. After that, clear the dungeon and select the slot you want to upgrade.
  6. Spend the required upgrade tokens, and once the process is completed, your Mini’s rarity will increase.
  7. Additionally, minis will also gain experience points with each upgrade, which will improve the Mini’s overall strength.
  8. You can only upgrade one slot per dungeon, which you can clear once daily.

However, you can clear dungeons for gold with different leaders to upgrade slots.

If you are unsatisfied with the traits, reroll it in the dungeons slot for a fee. Prioritize upgrading the slots for the minis you use most often.

Note: Make sure to equip the minis you want to upgrade before starting the dungeon.

The Bottom Line

Hence, you can experiment with different army compositions or upgrade the slots for the minis.

Upgrading your army is also about gaining a competitive edge, adapting to various challenges, and enjoying them.

Therefore, they can also help you to clear more challenging dungeons and win more PvP matches.

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