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How To Solve Warcraft Rumble Launch Screen Stuck At 50?

Warcraft Rumble is a mobile action strategy game where collectible Minis come to battle.

The players report some issues as Warcraft Rumble is getting stuck at 50%.

Players can solve the Warcraft Rumble loading screen stuck at 50 by clearing data, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, restarting the device, and contacting technical support.

This article discusses the possible causes and solutions to unstuck it.

Warcraft Rumble Stuck At 50 Causes

In Warcraft Rumble, there are several possible causes of the issue of the stuck loading screen at 50%.

Some possible causes might be from device, account, and game data which are discussed below:

1. Device Compatibility Issue

One of the most possible causes could be device compatibility with the game.

If the player’s device does not meet the minimum system requirements for the game, then it may stuck at 50%.

In the community discussion, some players have reported that the issue appears to be account-related.

The cause of the issue can be a problem with the player’s account than with the game.

3. Game Data Corruption

Game data corruption can also cause Warcraft Rumble to get stuck at 50%.

This can be caused due to the conflict between apps on the device or the game files being damaged.

Possible Solutions For Warcraft Rumble Stuck At 50 

The issue has become common among players in the Warcraft Rumble.

According to community discussion, some possible solutions might help other players.

There are some solutions from the community discussion that players managed to fix the issue.

warcraft rumble stuck at 50%
This is the community discussion on Reddit about Warcraft Rumble getting stuck at 50%.

However, there are some similar causes and solutions between players that might solve the issue for you.

The possible solutions to unstuck the loading screen from 50% are as follows:

1. Clear Cache Data

Clearing the cache data of the game can help resolve the issue of the loading screen.

To do so, you have to navigate to the Warcraft Rumble app settings and then press clear cache.

Afterwards, you have to relaunch the game without causing any interruptions.

2. Clear Game Data

If the game is still stuck at 50% after clearing the cache data, then you can try clearing the game data.

Therefore, this will restore the app to its default state without losing any information in the game.

To do so, you have to navigate to the game’s app settings and then press clear data.

3. Restart The Game And Device

Another possible solution could be restarting the game and device.

You can try restarting the device once by closing the game in the background.

To do so, clear the background running apps and hold the power button to restart your device.

4. Uninstall And Reinstall The Game

If the mentioned solutions do not work, then you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Therefore, this will fully remove the corrupted game data and install the fresh data of the game.

5. Contact Technical Support

You can contact technical support for further assistance to fix the issue.

Moreover, you can find some solutions by visiting their official website.

They might provide additional steps for fixing the issue, or they can contact the development team.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the issue of the launch screen is spreading commonly among players of Warcraft Rumble.

You can try fixing the issue by the above procedures, or you have to wait for the developers to update and fix the game.

Thus, you can enjoy the game if those solutions work for you to unstuck the game.

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