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Max Level Mastery: Leveling Up In Warcraft Rumble

Each unit in Warcraft Rumble, known as Minis, can reach the max level, and the highest level they can achieve is 31.

You can use experience points to upgrade their rarity that are Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary.

Max Level in Warcraft Rumble allows you to unlock all talent slots, gives you access to all features, and also provides you the best rewards for completing quests and winning PvP matches.

Continue reading to learn about Warcraft Rumble level, max level, and ways to level up faster to reach the max level.

Warcraft Rumble Level

Warcraft Rumble has two primary levels, which are:

1. Account Level

Your account level increases as you earn experience from playing the game.

Completing quests, winning PvP matches, and defeating enemies in PvE missions will provide you with experience.

Likewise, you can unlock new features, such as new units, new maps, and new quests.

2. Unit Level

When you use a unit in battle, your unit level will increase.

From defeating enemies and completing quests, units gain experience.

On levelling up units, they become stronger and unlock new talents.

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Warcraft Rumble Max Level

The maximum level for units in Warcraft Rumble is 31, which includes the three bonus levels you can gain from talents and courage.

However, the maximum level for your account is currently unknown. Max-level units are the most substantial units in the game.

Level Up Faster In Warcraft Rumble 

By following these strategies, you can level up quickly and minis faster:

1. Upgrade Your Unit’s Talent

Play the game as much as possible to gain more experience; this will even level up your units faster.

Focus on completing quests, a great way to earn experience for specific units.

Talents provide your units powerful new abilities and passive bonuses, so upgrade your unit’s talents.

Moreover, you can unlock talents through the Rarity system for Minis.

Therefore, this adds levels and introduces combat modifiers, making your Minis more powerful.

2. Use XP Tomes And XP Boosts

Blizzard often hosts a special events with rewards, such as XP Tome and gold, so participating in these can be a great way to level up.

XP Tomes gives you a choice between two units to give the experience you can earn from completing quests or a daily reward bar.

However, XP boosts give extra experience to the unit in the slot that it is placed in; it’s available in the G.R.I.D. shop.

Correspondingly, ensure you utilize your gold and XP on units rather than wasting on those you will not use.

earn xp of the minis
You can earn XP for the Minis that you participate in the daily quests.

3. Join And Participate

Being part of an active guild can lead to War Chests, which offers Minis and resources that help with levelling.

Furthermore, clan quests and wars can give you a lot of experience, so it is better to join a clan.

Taking part in Arclight Surges, which happens on Thursdays and Sundays, can speed up your levelling process as well.

 speed up your leveling process
Participating in Arclight Surges can speed up your levelling process.

Additionally, participating and winning PvP matches can give you honour points that help you level up your Minis faster.

4. Boost Your Minis Level

Clearing Dungeons grants upgrades to your Leader’s Army, boosting your Minis levels.

Ensure you have a few high-level units rather than many low-level units, so focus on levelling up your leading team.

You can also increase your Collection Level by unlocking and upgrading Minis.

You can also upgrade the rarity of your Minis by collecting stars and using Arc Energy and Cores.

5. Watch Videos Or Streams

You can start with the campaign mode, as clearing stages in the Normal and later in the Heroic can earn you experience and gold.

On clearing PvE stages, you can earn Sigils, achievement points that unlock new zones and provide milestone rewards.

Moreover, watching videos and streams of Warcraft Rumble can also help you improve your skills and win more matches.

Therefore, experiment with different team compositions to find the one suitable for your playstyle.

The Bottom Line

Hence, levelling up is essential as it gives you more robust units, unlocks new talents and features, and earns you better rewards.

However, reaching the maximum level can unlock new features, and significantly, higher-level players can earn better rewards.

Therefore, the Warcraft Rumble is still in beta, so the max level and rewards may change.

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