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What Are Barbarian Armor Upgrade Requirements?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.

Barbarian armor is one of the harder armor sets to earn in Breath of the Wild.

Barbarian armor is a set that helps the charge and stamina in the Tears of the Kingdom game. To acquire this set, you will need materials and pay for those.

The armor sets play a vital role in the gameplay experience, like the survivability and defense power in Tears of the Kingdom.

This article will dive deep into the game and its Barbarian Armor update requirements.

What Is Barbarian Armor?

Legend of Zelda is a captivating game developed by Nintendo that is a sequel with historical significance.

The players can explore a vast, beautifully created landscape with secrets, challenges, and breathtaking interfaces.

the legend of zelda
Legend of Zelda is a captivating game developed by Nintendo.

The users can embark on their own unique journeys, uncover hidden treasures, solve puzzles, and engage with diverse characters.

Moreover, the Tears of Kingdom is one of the fans’ most eagerly awaited and anticipated games.

The game has various armor sets, including the Hylian, Zora, and Barbarian sets, among many others.

Barbarian Armor is a legendary set in both sequels of The Legend of Zelda game universe.

Three sets compose the set: the Barbarian Helm, Barbarian Armor, and the Barbarian Leg Wraps. In addition, it also has bonuses, including Charge Atk Up and Stamina Up.

The Barbarian Set earns a reputation for its offensive capabilities and stamina enhancement. To fully unleash its potential, upgrading the Barbarian set is crucial.

How To Upgrade The Barbarian Armor Set?

To fully upgrade the Barbarian Armor set, you must follow a series of instructions.

However, the procedure is not free, and you must pay for certain things.

Step 1: Get The Barbarian Armor, Helm And Leg Wraps Set

  1. The Barbarian Armor is located in the Hyrule Fields.
barbarian armor location
The Barbarian Armor is located in the Hyrule Field.
  1. After following a series of steps, you can acquire the Barbarian Armor package.
barbarian armor package
Acquire Barbarian Armor package
  1. The Barbarian Leg Wraps is located near the Relsam Forest.
barbarian leg wraps location
The Barbarian Leg Wraps is located near the Relsam Forest.
  1. Then, acquire the Barbarian Leg wraps.
barbarian leg wraps package
Acquire Barbarian Leg Wraps
  1. The Barbarian Helm is located near the Robred Dropoff.
barbarian helm location
The Barbarian Helm is located near the Robred Dropoff
  1. Finally, acquire the Barbarian Helm.
barbarian helm package
Acquired Barbarian Helm Package

To follow the instruction step by step,  you can watch several videos present on Youtube.

Step 2: Collect The Required Materials

You will need to upgrade the Barbarian Armor and here is the first requirement.

UpgradesMaterials Needed
First Upgrade9x Mighty Thistle
Second Upgrade6x Lynel Saber Horn
6x Lynel Mace Horn
15x Razorshroom
Third Upgrade9x Blue Maned Lynel Saber Horn
9x Blue Maned Lynel Mace Horn
9x Razorclaw Crab
Fourth Upgrade9x White Maned Lynel Saber Horn
9x White Maned Lynel Mace Horn
9x Bladed Rhino Beetle

After collecting all the materials, follow these steps;

  1. The Mighty Thistle can be found near Mount Taran.
mighty thistle location
Mighty Thistle is located near Mount Taran and Koto Pond.
  1. The Lynel Saber Horn is located at the Tanagar Canyon.
lynel saber horn location
Lynel Saber Horn is located near the Tanagar Canyon.
  1. The Razorshroom is found near the Woodland Stable.
razorshroom location
Razorshroom is located near Woodland Stable.
  1. The Blue Maned Lynel Saber Horn is located at Larayan Heights.
blue maned lynel saber location
Blue maned Lynel Saber is located in Larayan Heights.
  1. The Razorclaw Crab is found on the Clarnet Coast.
razarclaw location
Razorclaw is located in Clarnet Coast.
  1. The White Maned Saber Horn is located near Ukuku Plains.
white maned lynel saber location
White Maned Lynel Saber is located in Ukuku Plains.
  1. The Bladed Rhino Beetle is located in Retsam Forest.
bladed rhino beetle location
The Bladed Rhino Beetle is located near Retsam Forest.
  1. Go to the Great Fairy Mountain located at the Great Fairy Tera.
great fairy mountain location
Great fairy mountain is located in the Great Fairy Tera.

Step 3: Pay For The Following Upgrades

Now, after completing the steps above, you must pay for the upgrades which are as follow;

  1. The first upgrade costs $30.
barbarian armor first upgrade
Barbarian Armor first upgrade costs 30$.
  1. The second upgrade costs $150.
barbarian armor second upgrade
The second upgrade price of Barbarian Armor is 150$.
  1. The third upgrade costs $600.
barbarian armor third upgrade
Barbarian Armor third upgrade price is 600$.
  1. The fourth upgrade costs $1500.
barbarian armor fourth upgrade
The fourth Barbarian Armor upgrade price is 1500$.
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The Bottom Line

Nintendo developed the Barbarian Armor as one of the many sets in The Legend of Zelda games.

To upgrade the Barbarian Armor set, you must find The Barbarian Helm, Armor and Leg Wraps package.

Furthermore, you will need materials like Lynel Saber horn and Razorshroom, and a certain amount of them, to upgrade the materials.

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