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Where Does Suspicious Sand Spawn?

Suspicious Sand is part of the new archeology mechanics coming to Minecraft in version 1.20.

However, not all sand and gravel blocks are the same. The sand blocks can hide valuable items, and some contain Suspicious Sand.

Suspicious Sand is found in various structures and contains precious items. Moreover, they spawn in various parts such as Trial Ruins, Ocean ruins, etc.

Let’s look at the features and where Suspicious Sand spawns in Minecraft.

What Are The Features of Suspicious Sand In Minecraft?

Minecraft 1.20 features a new type of block known as Suspicious Sand.

It is rougher than normal Sand and more fragile than a regular sand block.

However, mining these sand blocks with the usual tool is impossible as it breaks on fall.

Suspicious Sand seems like a composition of sand and small stones affected by gravity.

Though it breaks without leaving a drop, it has its secret. It encompasses valuable items such as Diamonds and is not easily obtainable.

Hence, you need a unique tool to collect Suspicious Sand.

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Where Does The Suspicious Sand Spawn In Minecraft?

The Suspicious Sand spawns in its natural location where it initially originates, which is as follows:

Desert Temples/ Pyramids

Desert temples are unique structures that spawn throughout the overworld of Minecraft. One can grasp rare chest loot and can even build a building base.

However, the user needs to focus more on the sand blocks inside the desert temples.

Further, digging the temple until you explore Suspicious Sand blocks would be best. At the same time, they spawn in the backrooms of the temple structures.

As they have less volume, it’s hard to identify them. It requires lots of patience to identify these blocks.

But you can trace several Suspicious Sand blocks within each desert temple. Regardless, there is neither a fixed spawn rate nor a precise location.

Desert Pyramid
Players can find Suspicious Sand inside the Desert Pyramids.

Desert Wells

The Desert Wells is best to find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft. These wells are small in structure and spawn quickly around the biome desert.

They don’t provide any sort of loot rather than water. However, you’ll find a mysterious new reward beneath the water.

Remember that there are two Suspicious Sand blocks underneath the water. Hence,  use a sponge to dry the water or simply place and break blocks on the water.

Finally, dust out the Suspicious Sand and grab the reward.

Desert Wells
Suspicious Sand spawns inside the desert wells.
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The Ocean Ruins

Ocean ruins generate underwater in ocean biomes of different sizes and types.

Additionally, they contain loot chests and suspicious blocks; the user can brush them for utilization.

There are two types of ocean ruins: cold and warm.

Cold ocean ruins encompass stone materials and yield in average, cold, and frozen oceans.

While Warm ocean ruins encompass sandstone materials and yield in warm and lukewarm oceans.

Ocean ruins can sometimes generate on land or partially buried. They are rare and often form clusters of ruined buildings.

Ocean Ruins
Ocean Ruins features loot chests and Suspicious Sand.

Trial Ruins

Trail Ruins are a part of the Trails and Tales with unique structures.

Moreover, they have buried ruins capable of generating new block types and are available in various biomes.

Additionally, Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Grave spawn in Trial Ruins and should brush away to expose hidden items.

However, they can drop a new music disc by brushing suspicious blocks.

Trial Ruins
Trial Ruins are also the source of Suspicious Sand.

The Bottom Line

Suspicious Sand is a new block type that spawns in the particular desert and ocean biomes structures.

It is brushed with a tool to reveal hidden items or pottery sherds related to the structure where it is found.

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