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Does Sniffer Spawn In Minecraft?

The Sniffer is a passive mob (harmless) in Minecraft that wanders aimlessly, avoiding obstacles and dangers.

You can see the Sniffer spawn in the warm ocean ruins near deserts as an ancient seed. The ancient seed needs to be brushed off to find in the sands, and it will hatch into a Snifflet. Furthermore, you can also make them spawn them using some Minecraft Commands.

However, are you wondering if the Sniffers spawn naturally in Minecraft?

Continue reading to learn more about the Sniffers and how you can breed and make them spawn in Minecraft.

What Are Sniffer In Minecraft

Sniffer won the Mob Vote 2022 in Minecraft, voted by the fans online.

They are known for smelling their surroundings by pressing their noses to the ground and tracking ancient seeds.

sniffer in Minecraft
Sniffer is a passive mob (harmless) in Minecraft that wanders aimlessly.

Furthermore, they can dig out the seeds for decorative plants from different blocks, dirt and mud once they find them by sniffing.

They specifically dig into the ground until they find Torchflower seeds or Pitcher Pods.

Moreover, after it digs out seeds, it needs a cooldown time of eight-minute to dig again.

How Does Sniffer Spawn In Minecraft?

The Minecraft Sniffers are spawned in the sands from warm ocean ruins but as an ancient seed.

You have to use a brush to find the ancient seed in the sands, and it will hatch a Snifflet (a baby variant of Sniffer).

sniffer eggs
You can find ancient seeds in the warm ocean ruins.

The Snifflet in Minecraft takes a few minutes to grow into an adult Sniffer.

Furthermore, the Sniffer is one of the passive mobs that doesn’t spawn naturally in Minecraft.

You must manually find the Sniffer egg, primarily found in ocean ruins near Desert and Badland Biomes.

However, after you find the Snifflet, you can quickly breed into multiple Sniffers within no time.

How To Spawn Sniffers Using Command?

If you don’t want to go through the “Creative Mode” in Minecraft to find Sniffer, you can use Minecraft commands to spawn Sniffers.

Hers is the command to spawn Sniffer, which you can use in the chat menu.

/summon Sniffer

The above command will spawn the Sniffer in the spot you are staying.

However, you can also try the below code to spawn a Snifflet.

/summon sniffer ~ ~ ~ {Age:-9999999}

How To Breed And Protect Sniffer?

You can breed the Sniffer by feeding the Sniffer Torchflower seeds, and it will lay eggs as an item.

The egg will take a few minutes to turn into an adult Sniffer, and the parent Sniffers will take a 5-minute cooldown to breed again.

Furthermore, two adults can breed by feeding Torchflower seeds, sending them into Love Mode.

Sniffer love mode
Sniffers will hatch eggs after the Love Mode wears off.

Once the Love Mode wears off, they lay eggs and will hatch into a successful Snifflet after 5-10 minutes.

Moreover, the Sniffers can wander off if not protected or fenced correctly.

The Sniffers cannot be domesticated, but you can attach them to lead and fence to protect or wander them off.

The Bottom Line

Introduced in Minecraft 1.20, Sniffers are passive mobs that can sniff and dig out seeds and decorative plants.

They don’t spawn naturally in Minecraft but can be found in warm ocean ruins.

Furthermore, you can breed them after you find the ancient eggs and hatch them into Snifflet.

Moreover, if you are not in the creative mode in Minecraft, you can use Minecraft commands in the chat menu to spawn Sniffers.

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