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You Are Not Connected To The Essential Network In Minecraft

You are not connected to the essential network, which is an ongoing issue in Minecraft.

The issue is related to external mods, where players usually make changes in-game that they do not offer.

To solve You are of not being connected to the Essential Mod Network error, players should reactivate the Network adapter, check their internet connection, update the Essential Mods, and finally un-install and re-install the mod.

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You Are Not Connected To The Essential Network Issue In Minecraft

Some players using the Essential mods are unable to connect to the game due to network issues.

This problem started way back almost a year ago on both Ethernet cables and Wifi connections.

On Starting Minecraft on IP Direct players receive Failed To Log In message.

Whereas, launching the game on the LAN cable, players receive an Unbale to Connect the Essential Network message.

However, if players uninstall the Mod, players can easily enjoy Minecraft without a minor issue.

This could be an issue with the changed Essential mod settings in Minecraft or with the network adapters.

Otherwise, the Network issue could be a part of Internet connection or device compatibility.

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You Are Not Connected To The Essential Network Minecraft: Solutions

Here are a few possible ways to fix the Essential Mod network issue in Minecraft;

1. Deactivate Network Adapter

Deactivating and reactivating the Network adapter will fix none of the Network issues while using Mods.

Players should initially head to the Device Manager to make changes to the Network Adapter.

Under the Network Adapter, players should search for Realtek Controller settings.

you are not connected to the essential network minecraft
Enter the Realtek Controller Settings.

The adapter name may differ from different devices; hence players should carefully enter the settings.

Further, players should head to the Driver section, and click Disable Driver.

you are not connected to the essential network minecraft
Disable the Realtek Controller Driver.

After disabling the driver, players restart their system, enable the device again, and launch Minecraft.

2. Check Connection

Getting the basics correct can solve 90% of the issues in games.

Hence, players should check their internet connection, stability, and speed.

If players are facing any issues, they should contact ISP support and switch to Ethernet cables if possible.

3. Uninstall And Resinatsll

If players are facing any network issues using Essential Mod, they should initially search for updates and check compatibility.

Further, if the Mod is compatible, players should uninstall it and re-install it.

Moreover, players should also verify if the issue exists without using the Essential Mod.

If the issue is not yet resolved, players should contact Essential Mod support.

The Bottom Line

The external mods on games often engage the players and provide something different that in-game does not offer.

However, in many instances, players are unable to use them due to network errors or incompatibility.

To solve these issues, players should make changes to Network Adapter settings and verify compatibility.

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