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How To Get Tocotoco Cap In Palworld?

In Palworld, the Tocotoco Cap is the item that provides players with many benefits to progress in the game.

Similarly, players can get the Tocotoco Cap after locating the merchant in the Palworld.

Players must traverse to the Small Settlement in Palworld and find the merchant, to equip the Tocotoco Cap in the Palworld. This item will get various benefits and buffs which will help players throughout their journey.
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What Is Tocotoco Cap In Palworld?

In Palworld, players will encounter different NPCs while exploring the map.
These NPCs provide various items and accessories to players which will help them to perform and complete various tasks.
These sets of items enhance players’ adventure journey in Palworld and they need to locate the merchant to add the best items to their party.
Hence, players can get Tocotoco Cap from the Small Settlement Merchant, one of the important NPCs in Palworld’s early game.
Upon crafting this Tocotoco Cap players will get various benefits and buffs which will help them throughout their journey.

Hence, some of the hats and caps that the Merchant will provide to boost a player’s progression in Palworld are listed below.

  • Witch Hat Schematic 1
  • Farming Hat Schematic 1
  • Bowler Hat Schematic 1
  • Gumoss Cap Schematic 1
  • Penking Cap Schematic 1
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Equipping Tocotoco Cap In Palworld

Locating the merchant and equipping the items is not easy at all as they will be hiding in different locations.
Here is the guide that players can follow to equip the Tocotoco Cap in Palworld.

1. Locate Merchant

Firstly, players must locate and find the Small Settlement Merchant in the Palworld to equip the Tocotoco Cap.
Hence, to locate this Merchant, players need to travel to the Small Settlement in Palworld, close to the Small Settlement’s fast travel point. 
Small Settlement Merchant in Palworld
Locating Small Settlement Merchants in Palworld
Inside the building, at the opposite end of the Small Settlement to the Fast Travel Point, players can locate the Merchant.

2. Pay Some Amount To Merchant

In Palworld, players can purchase this item for a hefty amount of gold from an NPC.
However, it will cost 500 gold to players to equip this item in their inventory.

Moreover, the Small Settlement Merchant carries other essential items that players need to build the objects required for early base upgrades.

How To Sell Items In Palworld?

Players can sell the items that they obtain to the merchant to make more money in the Palworld.

In Pal world, players must find and interact with the Wandering merchants, one of the NPCs to buy and sell items.

Interact with Wandering merchant and sell the items
Interact with Wandering merchants to sell the items.

However, Wandering Merchants exchange items for gold coins, from medicine to seeds and food.

Likewise, this merchant also provides schematics for player’s pals and allows them to stock up their cash for later use.

The Bottom Line

In summary, to get the Tocotoco cap you must find the Small Settlement merchant in the Palworld.

Locating the NPCs who sell different valuable items that will help you to progress in the game is not an easy task.

However, equipping items like Tocotoco Cap in Palworld will cost 500 gold in Palworld.

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