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Yubofriends Scam Or Legit: What You Need To Know

Many people are wondering if the website is legit or a scam.

Scammers usually pretend to be real companies to trick others, so it’s smart to be careful and not easily believe them. created less than four months ago, claims to offer online earning opportunities but lacks trustworthiness due to its recent domain creation, hidden ownership, unrealistic earning claims, absence of payment evidence, and low traffic rank.

In this article, we will discuss whether the website is a scam or legit.

What Is is a website that claims to offer opportunities for online earning through social media.

It promises a sign-up bonus of $100 and boasts over 300,000 members.

The platform encourages users to refer friends and earn money through a tiered referral program.

Moreover, it says that the minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

However, the website raises several red flags, such as a lack of transparency about its founders, a recent domain creation, and a low traffic rank.

Users must conduct thorough research and be skeptical of engaging in this website. claims unrealistic earning amounts.
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Is Legit? raises significant concerns that strongly suggest it may be a scam, supported by various pieces of evidence:

1. Recent Domain Creation

The was created on November 26, 2023.

The website was registered less than four months ago, a common trait among scam sites aiming to avoid detection.

Moreover, such a short lifespan raises doubts about its long-term credibility and legitimacy.

2. Hidden Ownership

The owner of the domain has chosen to conceal their identity in the Whois database.

Moreover, trustworthy websites typically provide information about their founders.

This lack of transparency about the individuals behind the platform is a classic red flag that can relate to potential scams.

3. Unrealistic Earning Claims makes bold promises of earning up to $5000 with minimal effort, a hallmark of get-rich-quick schemes that often turn out to be scams.

Legitimate opportunities rarely guarantee such high returns.

4. Lack Of Payment Evidence

Despite claiming to have paid out over $9.7 million to its members, the website fails to provide concrete evidence or testimonials from users who have successfully received payments.

The absence of verifiable success stories raises skepticism about the authenticity of their promises.

5. Low Traffic Rank

According to Alexa, the website has a rank at #0, indicating extremely low or no traffic.

Legitimate platforms typically have some level of user engagement, and a lack of traffic suggests the website may not be well-known or trusted.

6. Not Detected By APIVoid

While the absence of detection by APIVoid isn’t definitive proof, it’s noteworthy that a security service designed to identify fake web shops did not detect

Likewise, this raises concerns about the site’s trustworthiness.

safety score
The safety score of this website detected by scam detection software is very low.

The Bottom Line

The combination of recent domain creation, hidden ownership, lack of payment evidence, and low traffic rank strongly indicate that may be a scam.

Users are strongly advised to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before considering any involvement.

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