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Is Gemini Claims Gift A Scam?

Many users around the globe are receiving a Gemini claims gift link, and they are curious if it is a scam.

The users of the crypto network claim to provide gifts and rewards to the people.

Your Gemini Claim Gift and Gemini Earn Balance are definitely a scam. Users should not click these links or any similar links with other sources.

Continue reading to learn about Gemini gifts and the possibility of scams.

What Is Gemini Claim Gift?

People who are part of the Gemini Trust company receive a link about the Gemini claims.

Many users who sold, bought or stored digital assets receive the link from an unknown source.

According to Gemini, it doesn’t affiliate with any other network or company associated with the name.

Diffrent websites are being formed by claiming the sub-network of popular crypto companies and sending various links.

Those who are not tech-savvy or have no idea often click the link.

gemini claims scam
Avoid the suspicious links.

They claim to provide users with gifts and balance and add monetary value.

And the link often looks real due to a similar Domain name.

Is Your Gemini Claim A Scam?

Many people are already victims of the Gemini earn balance scam and Your Claim Gifts scam.

People have lost loads of assets and thousands of dollars due to a blunder.

If people are receiving links similar to https://yourgemini……, try to delete these links ASAP.

The scammers send a long message and provide the link for users to claim the gift or balance.

If users are not 100% sure about the gifts, they shouldn’t click on the link or email and be a part of the Gemini Claims Scam.

Usually, an official crypto exchange company does not provide these sorts of gifts, so it shouldn’t be involved in these sorts of activities.

How To Avoid Crypto Scams?

Users can be victims of a scam just due to a simple blunder. To avoid such circumstances, follow the procedures;

1. Unknown Sources

Users often receive social, email, and SMS messages from known sources with different kinds of ADS and other text.

If they are not familiar and one hundred percent sure, they should just delete the conversation or the email.

Also, they shouldn’t click any links from an anonymous source and don’t receive suspicious calls.

If players receive the link from an unknown or similar-looking source, check the official sites first to see if they provide gifts.

2. Dont Share Credentials

Many users often share their user details and passwords with their close ones, so avoid that.

Also, choose a unique username and set a stronger password that is hard to crack.

Also, users should not share their personal information on social media and secure their social security number.

3. Be Updated 

People should be updated about cybersecurity threats and possible cyberprotection. 

Users should keep their operating system updated and use the Anti-virus software.

Also, many old-age groups and minors are often victims of scams; ensure to guide them from these threats.

The Bottom Line

It is a scam if users receive a link claiming to provide players with gifts and balance.

Don’t open links from an unknown or anonymous source to avoid the circumstances.

Also, follow the latest cybersecurity trends and update their software and OS.

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