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Zepbound Savings Card Not Working: Root Cause And Ways To Ensure Benefits

Recently, the Zepbound savings card has not been working, leaving countless patients stranded.

Due to this circumstance, many patients have been going through the situation without access to medication discounts.

Similarly, many individuals with commercial insurance are falling short of the promised benefits because of this issue.

Continue reading to learn more about the issue related to the Zepbound savings card not working.

Zepbound Savings Card Not Working: Understanding Issue

A major problem has popped up for people who use the Zepbound savings card to buy their medicine.

Since February 21, 2024, the system that helps pharmacies process these cards has been down.

This event has made it hard for users to get the discount they need for their Zepbound prescriptions.

Likewise, it is believed that a cyberattack messed up the systems that handle prescriptions and insurance.

Zepbound Savings Card Not Working
Users can visit the official website of Zepbound and choose the desired insurance plan.

The problem seems to arise when people don’t have insurance coverage for Zepbound but do have commercial insurance.

Subscribed users should be getting $563 off a one-month fill; however, they are only receiving $150 off.

Thus, as a result, lots of people are stuck with their frozen Zepbound accounts because their savings cards are not working.

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 Zepbound Savings Not Working: Effects And Root Causes

Most people are dependent on Zepbound savings to manage their health conditions.

As Zepbound Savings is not working, this situation is causing a lot of problems for the users.

Without the Zepbound Savings card, people are having to pay a lot more money for their medicine.

This issue has caused havoc among the people, as it puts them in a tough spot, having to choose between their health and money.

Zepbound Insurance Policy
Visit the official website to learn more about the insurance plan of the Zepbound Savings Card.

The root cause of this issue lies in how companies process Zepbound prescriptions.

When any of the prescriptions are rejected, they need to be marked as nonformulary to trigger the manufacturer’s saving card.

However, unfortunately, some insurers fail to categorize Zepbound as non-formulary, which leads to reduced discounts at pharmacies.

How To Ensure Full Benefit From Zepbound Savings Card?

Before filling out their medication, users should consider several factors to get the full benefits of the Zepbound Savings card.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider to ensure you receive the full benefits of your Zepbound Savings card:

1. Contact your Pharmacy Benefits Manager And Insurance Company

While filling out your prescription, reach out to your manager and insurance provider first.

You should confirm that they reject the prescription as non-formulary to activate the manufacturer’s savings card.

Thus, always contact your manager and insurance company before filling out a prescription.

2. Transfer Your Prescription

You should transfer your prescription to a pharmacy if necessary.

After you transfer your prescription to the pharmacy, the rejection is processed correctly.

Likewise, this ensures that it is valid when the savings card is applied, and you will receive the maximum discount of $563 per fill.

3. Share Your Experiences

Since your voice matters, you should share your experiences with the Zepbound Savings Card.

Visit the Eli Lily website and share your experiences with the officials of the Zepbound Savings Card.

Users can contribute to improving the process for others facing similar issues by sharing their experiences. 

4. Finding Other Options

The company that runs Zepbound has acknowledged the problem, but their advice doesn’t offer any solutions for emergency patients.

If you are unsatisfied with the Zepbound Savings card, you should explore other alternatives to save money on your prescriptions.

You can always check out discount programs like GoodRx and explore other pharmacies that will accept different discount coupons.

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