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How To Use The 99 Boxes XP Glitch In Payday 3?

The 99 boxes glitch of Payday 3 can help you gain more XP quickly.

It is no secret that Payday 3 has faced numerous bugs since its release.

While some bugs can be frustrating for players, some can be useful.

You can use the 99 boxes XP glitch by moving in and out of the escape point after completing the heist challenge in stealth mode.

Here, we will discuss the glitch in 99 boxes and how to use it in Payday 3.

What Is 99 Boxes Heist In Payday 3?

99 Boxes is one of the heists of Payday 3 and has three types of challenges heist, combat and career challenges.

In addition, the heist deals with looting a grand amount of items.

Furthermore, the items are part of the deal with Wixia Corporation.

The loot is inside white containers with Wixia written on them.

In addition, the items need to be cooled, or their worth decreases.

So, you have to place the loot in the refrigerated truck with liquid nitrogen.

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How To Complete The 99 Boxes Heist?

99 Boxes is a heist with three main areas to look out for.

In addition, you can complete the heist either in stealth mode or without it.

However, to be able to use the XP glitch, you have to play the stealth mode.

The three main areas in the 99 boxes heist are:

  1. Warehouse Exterior
  2. Warehouse Interior
  3. Storage Yard

Furthermore, here is a step-by-step breakdown of the process of completing the heist in stealth mode.

1. Get To The Warehouse

Firstly, get into the warehouse through an open semi-truck for the heist.

Moreover, you can hack the camera to avoid getting caught.

99 boxes glitch warehouse
Go through these semi-tunnels to reach the warehouse.

2. Find The Refrigerated Truck

Now, you should find the Refrigerated truck, usually at Dock One.

Then, find the liquid nitrogen for the truck, which can be in one of the crates.

99 boxes glitch refrigerated truck
The refrigerated truck to keep all our loot.

3. Hack The Computer In The Security Room

Now, go to the upstairs area and get to the security room to hack the computers.

Furthermore, lockpick two doors and get inside the room.

99 boxes glitch security room
Hack the security to know the location of the containers.

Additionally, a security guard will notice you when you enter the room.

Either kill him or close the door immediately when you enter the security room.

Then, hack the security system to gain information on the whereabouts of the containers.

4. Find The Right Container

To find the container, you must get the QR code of two guards on the east and west sides of the locations.

If you do not get the QR code, you should burn the locks in the container with thermite.

Wixia container
The white Wixia containers have all the loot inside them.

To get the QR code, you can either sneakily gain the code or kill the guard and hack the phone.

In addition, containers with the name Wixia and a lock are the right containers.

Use the QR code to unlock the containers to be able to gain the loot.

5. Loot The Container

After opening up the container, take the items in the container to the refrigerated truck.

Furthermore, the faster you reach the truck, the more money you will get.

Loot from the container
Loot the things inside the container, which costs a pretty fortune.

Also, take down any guards or cameras to save time during the process.

Furthermore, repeat the process and use the zip line to return to the containers.

How To Use The 99 Boxes XP Glitch?

There is a glitch related to the 99 boxes heist challenge of Payday 3.

The glitch allows you to gain tremendous experience points (XP) in no time.

To use the glitch, all you have to do is complete the heist in stealth mode.

Then, go in and out of the escape point after completing the heist.

As many times as you go in and out, you will gain XP.

99 boxes glitch escape points
The glitch escape point is where you can exploit the glitch to gain XP.

Along with that, you will be able to gain 1,000,000 XP in just one hour.

However, you must remember that this glitch is a part of the developmental bug.

Hence, the development team will pat the glitch sooner or later.

Additionally, using these glitches to move forward in the game is not ethical.

On top of that, there is also the possibility that the game’s development team will block you for exploiting glitches.

So, using the glitch is totally up to you and is a personal choice.

The Bottom Line

The 99 boxes glitch helps you to gain a higher amount of XP in no time.

In addition, you just have to move in and out of the escape point to gain XP.

However, use the glitch at your risk, as exploiting these glitches is unethical.

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