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Bank Heist In Payday 3: A Complete Guide

Payday 3 is one of the most popular shooter games with various intriguing features and activities.

One of the activities players can do in the series of payday is the Bank Heist.

In Payday 3, players can take two Bank Heist, including No Rest for the Wicked and Gold & Sharke. Players need intensive planning and excellent coordination between their members to do the Bank Heist.

This article will dive deeper into Bank Heist and how players perform Bank Heists in Payday 3.

What Is A Bank Heist In Payday 3?

The Payday series is famous for its intriguing and cinematic Heist.

In Payday 3, Starbreeze Studio has brought some uniquely challenging and ready-to-play Heists.

Players tend to jump into the Bank Heist and scavenge all the possible loot.

It is the quickest and best way to make money in the game.

As of the start of the game, players are given eight Heists to play.

Here are those Heist in the game:

  • No Rest for the Wicked
  • Road Rage
  • Dirty Ice
  • Rock the Cradle
  • Under the Surphaze
  • Gold and Sharke
  • 99 Boxes
  • Touch the Sky

Among this Heist, there are only 2 Bank Heist you can do, and they are No Rest for the Wicked and Gold and Shark.

While No Rest for the Wicked is the first Bank Heist you must do in the game.

Things To Consider While Doing Bank Heist

Performing Heist on payday is not a piece of cake.

It would be best to consider many things before you do the Heist, especially the Bank Heist.

Making and executing a plan is the most essential thing you must consider.

While performing a Bank Heist, you must consider how to enter the Bank and approach silently or loudly.

Further, you must consider the time no loot the Vault and plan to escape the Bank.

Before you dive into the Heist, you should know that you will get slightly different objectives.

It is based on the level of difficulty you are playing on.

Remember that doing Heist with the team will make it significantly more straightforward than doing it solo.

Finally, I recommend doing Bank Hesit in two runs to know the map layout and the key things needed to complete Heist.

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How To Complete First Bank Heist?

The First Bank Heist is a New York City Secure Capital Bank (SCB) heist. 

Here is the list of things you must do while doing No Rest for the Wicked Bank Heist.

1. Enter The Bank

Entering the Bank is the first thing that will kick off the Heist.

You can enter through the main gate, which is the easiest route. However, it will set off alarms.

Security door
Security door inside the first Bank Heist.

You can also go through the left or right side of the building.

However, they are heavily guarded by guards and cameras.

2. Enter The Vault Silently

Once you enter the Bank quietly, you can turn off the lock on the Vault quietly.

Obtain a Red and blue key, which you can get by killing patrolling guards.

Blue key card
Get a Blue key card from the guard on the second floor.

You have to use the Red key to hack the computer and turn off the security system in the electrical room.

Hack the compute
Hack the computer to turn off the security system.

Furthermore, take note of the cable connection displayed right next to the computer.

Remember the pattern
Remember the pattern on the screen.

Then, use the blue key to enter the camera room on the first floor and take out the guard.

From here, cut off the power supply of the Vault.

Now, head to the Vault door and Flip the switch with the color that color you noted earlier.

The next step is to abduct the bank manager, use the eye scanner, get the four-digit code, and open the Vault.

Take bank manager as hostage for Vault code.

However, ensure you have closed all the curtains and killed the guard.

3. Enter The Vault Loudly

As you are discovered, you must use a new plan and force your way to enter the Vault.

To do so, you must take a hostage and take the thermite bag dropped from the helicopter.

Then, go to the second floor, where you must throw it to the left, close the door and ignite it.

From here, take out the police and wait for the thermit to burn the floor.

After the thermite burns the floor, drop into the Vault and loot it.

4. Loot The Vault

Once you reach the Vault, you must Lockpick the security cage and get the money bag.

This is a straightforward process; however, ensure your teammates quickly disarm the dye packs.

Bank Heist
Try to disarm the all-dye pack as fast as possible.

Because you cannot loot the money bag destroyed by dye packs.

Unfortunately, you don’t get enough time as a solo player.

To escape the Bank, go to the parking lot and avoid drawing the civilians’ attention.

Then, ensure the electrical barrier is off; you can turn it off by navigating to the boulevard.

This ensures that your gateway car arrives on time.

Once the car arrives, you can load the bags and stand beside it.

Bank Heist
The bag is inside the van, and the player stands along it to find the Heist.

This will successfully end the First Bank Heist.

For the other Heist, there could be things to know, such as using key cards, Vaults and switch box colors.

However, the codes or map layout can be different.

The Bottom Line

Bank Heist is a quick way for the players to earn money in Payday 3.

However, players can only do two Bank Heist in Payday 3 for now.

Contrarily, a Bank Heist is considered a challenging and time-consuming but most rewarding Heist in Payday3.

Therefore, keep doing as much Heist as possible to grow your character and enjoy the game.

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